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Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF :o)

What else can I say. It has been a weird week. Australia Day was on Wednesday.
The day we celebrate the fact that the English brought a bunch of criminals to the shores of Australia and set up shop because they were running out of room in Britain. Yep, those are my roots :o)

In the days were if you stole a loaf a bread it could land you on a ship being ripped away from your family and sent to the other side of the world.

And as Wednesday was a public holiday, it sort of puts the rest of the week into rack and ruin. I did work on Wednesday, but only a 5hr shift in the afternoon, so I went to the gym in the morning and then relaxed a bit before heading off to work.

But as usual I found it really hard to get into work on Thursday and today. I still wanted to be in public holiday mode, but I couldn't.

But it is now the weekend and I do actually have plans!!

It's a friends hen party tomorrow night. We were going to go on a cruise for the party, but the resent floods still have the Brisbane River closed to all boats, so the new plans are to go to a nice club and dance the night away. Should still be a lot of fun.

So far I am do okay in the 50lbs in 111 days. I'm eating a lot better, and the ice cream & junk food consumption is dropping dramatically. Although I haven't quite beaten it altogether.

I have joined up and pledged the 50 pounds on Pound for Pound were for every pound of weight lost; a pound of food will be donated. Joia has set up a team called CaliLosers, so I can aim for my own person goal as well as help out for a good cause. It is all motivation you see, so please feel free to join up and pledge some pounds too; join our team and help us all loss some pounds. (It is for US residents, but I just picked a zip code from California and then picked out a food bank).


  1. How does that work exactly? Do u have to pay? Anyway, have fun this weekend!

  2. Hope you have a good weekend, and good luck with the PFP challenge, I'm doing it too! :)