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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A town under water...........

I finally made it home!! only 24 hours late!

After spending the night in a hotel in the city as I was not able to get home via the trains, I jumped at the chance of getting a lift home from some friends. I didn't want to take the trains as they all have major delays and there is only a few of them anyway.
A pontoon with a boat still attached floats away
It really was a weird sensation to walk to work this morning through a city that is usually overflowing with people. It was really quite, and while there were cars and people about; but there were not many.

Even though Brisbane is flooded, they still have to release more water. The dam is currently at 190%. At 200% the water will just start to spill over the top of the dam and is in danger of destroying the dam, so yes I can see that they need to still release the water.
Wivenhoe Dam
Toowoomba was hit hard yesterday, a two meter high wall of water rushed through Toowoomba.
Family in Toowoomba
I have yet to find out what has happened to these people, I think two of them have been found alive and one is still missing.

12 are dead at the moment. And there are still at least 43 people missing.

My thoughts are with all the people that have been flooded and my heart goes out to those have lost someone and have people they know that are missing.

I was in shock most of yesterday, and I think I still was a little today. And I have to admit I do feel a little guilty that we are safe & dry when so many are helpless and homeless at the moment.

And yet I still need to go to work tomorrow so we can try to get as many people as possible to were they need to go.


  1. Sam,
    We have been watching the Queensland floods with a sense of growing horror - its all happened so fast. I'm SO glad youre okay. This is all so terrible. Stay safe!

  2. I am happy you are safe Sam and I pray for everyone affected by this!

  3. Glad to know you are safe Sam. I just can't imagine what it is like being right there! I can't stop thinking about all of you up there, especially those that have perished or have lost loved ones. I hope your home is ok and you are safe. Sounds like the worst is yet to come. Good luck!

  4. I'm glad you are safe. Sending lots of love your way!

  5. Happy to hear you're OK where you are. So sad what's happening over there.

  6. happy you're safe but wow..... i can imagine how hard it is to be there and see what's happening so close to home. on the news this morning i heard this disaster being described as Australia's 'Katrina'. I can't believe they have to release more water.

  7. I was in tears watching our news last night showing the torrents of water and the cars washing down the road. So many died. It hurts my heart. I hope it gets better soon. Take care and be safe.

  8. We have been watching it and it just looks devastating, some very sad stories already and I imagine more to come. Good to hear that you are ok.