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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hate being sick :(

Yes, I seem to have the flu :(

Why is it every time I start a running program I end up with the flu. The same thing happened a few years ago when I was really into the gym and getting fit. I started to try running and ended up with the flu.

I know it is just a coincident but I just hate not feeling 100%. The worst thing about it is that the flu hasn't even hit me full on yet. I have just had the last two days off work, and I am due to go back to work tomorrow, but I feel as though I could wake up any day and feel totally worse than I have the last two days. I have had the really sore throat were you don't know if you will be able to speak until you try. An ear ache and headache, and I have been really tired, but I sometimes feel like a fraud and think I could actually be at work. Maybe not for the whole day. But for short periods of the day.

I just have a hard time letting go. Too much of the responsibility gene in me. My work ethic is too highly tuned. I feel guilty whenever I can't be at work!!

I'll guess I'll have to see how I am tomorrow morning. If I still feel like crap in the morning, I will go back to the doctor, but if not, it will be back to work and we'll take it from there.

I will get to my running, just as soon as I can. As hard as it is, I know I have to wqait until I am healthy before continuing on it, otherwise I will just do myself some damage. But there is a real fine line between feeling better and not being quite ready. That is hard to judge. So when I do get back to the gym, I will have to take it easy to ensure I am back up to scratch.

I hope everyone else is feel fit and fine. Unfortunately, with the headache I have had, reading is not a fun exercise, so I am a little befind in reading & commenting on blogs.


  1. Feel better soon! I know exactly how you feel about missing work. I'm the same way! I came down with something a few weeks ago, right before surgery and my boss had to actually make me go home after I showed up to work unable to talk!

  2. I've caught it as well. You know what they say, misery loves company. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. My daughter is sick and I'm praying I don't get it. Hope you are feeling better soon. And if you aren't, don't go to work. You don't want to get your coworkers sick so you shouldn't feel guilty.