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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I really do hate computers at times :o)

My lap top is playing up and I'm on the home computer, but for some reason, I can't view my own blog....WTF?!?

I can view the dash board, and hopefully publish this post, but when I click on the 'view blog' button, a message telling me that it can't complete or is unable to view, or something like like, pops up and comes up with an error :o( I can view other blogs through the dash board, so at least I have been able to get a little reading done. It would not surprise me if it was just an upgrade that this computer needs is missing. I haven't had this one linked to the web for a while and there is always upgrades being doles out.

I am calling in the Super Geeks next week and they can sort all my computer problems out. I probably just need to upgrade my anti-virus program and upgrade all the programs on my computer.

We'll see, hopefully they won't charge an arm and a leg to fix the problem :p

I had lunch with the support group today - it was fun. It was the first one for the year and it was mostly the regulars. A lot of the time we'll have a few new people show up, who are thinking of getting or have already got the band and have just heard about the group. It is a very informal group. Just a bunch of bandsters getting together and catching up with each other. Its great to be able to have lunch with a bunch of people and not have to explain why such a large person is only eating a third of her lunch and getting the rest to take away.

It is amazing to see the different stages that a lot of people are at. I'll be the first to admit that it does surprise me that there are not more women there that are not at goal. Most of them have been banded for a while, and while a few have been at goal, none of the regulars are at the moment. A few of them have gotten to goal and then gotten sick and that set them back a fare way. While others seem to have not done all they could and have gone back to bad behaviour.

I sometimes wonder if it is the best environment to go into when I am still excited to be on the right track with my band. But I think I actually take heed of what they have done with the band, and it makes me want to succeed even more. I will keep monitoring my thinking when I have been with the group and if the resole does change I will stop going. I want the experience to help, not hinder!!!


  1. I think as long as you can look at it as "what NOT to do", you'll be fine. You know, unless they start pushing chocolate cake at you during get-togethers. Then I'd run! LOL

  2. I always look forward to going to the support meetings ... and.. I try to get something from each person there - those who are successful give me motivation to keep going and those who are not successful ... well they also motivate me because I can find out why they are not being successful and make sure I don't get caught in the same trap. Also, I want to help them by encouraging them to get back to doing what they have to do.

    I am sure that there will always be at least one person there who will motivate you...

    You are doing so well ... keep up the good work :)

  3. I agree with Maria...our WL Surgeon's Office has some bandsters that are anti band because it hasn't produced results for them. I really think they fail to understand that the band is only a tool...Hope your computer problems are resolved soon.

  4. Thanks ladies,

    I will not let any of their negative attatudes get to me :o) & I do take note of why they haven't done so well. It does help!!