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Thursday, February 10, 2011


First Up, I just want to say a huge thanks so much for all your comments on my last post. It gave me a real boost to see that I might have offered a solution for other people to drink more water!! I have taken you advice and printed the motto out. It's on the fridge, on my work computer and on my diary :o)

So, I want to complete the C25K running program this year. I want to be able to run.

Once I can, then I will decide if I like running and if I will continue it. But I want to get to the point were I can run for at least 30 minutes, before I make this decision.

I had a look at the c25k program and can tell immediately, that I am not ready for it yet, so I have made up my own pre-c25k program.

Basically I have started with:
Week One:  Walk 4:30 minutes; then jog 0:30 seconds and repeat this six times for a 30 minute session + cool down time.
Then I will move onto:
Week Two:  Walk 4:00 minutes; then jog 0:30 seconds and repeat seven times for a 31 minute session + cool down time.
After that the walking time will keep decreasing until I get to 2 minutes and then I will increase the jog time to 45 seconds and then a minute.

This should take me 8 - 9 weeks, but like the c25k program, if I feel that I need to repeat a week I will.

After this I should be ready to start the c25k running program as it starts with 1 minute runs and 90 seconds of walking.

Slow steps to get me were I want to go. That what this whole process is about. The slow steps :o)

P.S. Can you believe the BOOBS is going to happen one week before I fly off to Paris?!? Two weeks later and I probably could have added in a quick trip to the US from France or England :( I just know everyone will have an amazing time & I hope I will be able to get to a one of these gatherings one day.

Hey, how about if we plan a get together for all the English ladies out there. I will be in England in October (first two weeks I think) I would love to meet up with some lovely strangers :o)


  1. Would love to meet up once you're in England! Looking forward to it already.

  2. I too would love to get running. I have been going to the gym and do about 45-50 mins of cardio so I know eventually I will get up to that but in due time. Good luck with the training. I know its hard but you can do it!!

  3. Here is what I have quickly learned about running. My body can do more than I think it can. The first time I ran a mile without stopping was back in October. I can now run 3 miles without stopping, and I havent been even really training. I just decided one day I would stay on the treadmill and just see. So be careful but dont be afraid to push yourself...

    I still dont love running, and I still havent ever felt that runners high. But running makes me feel like I am healthy. I mean, that's what fit people do right? They run?

    So i think your goal is awesome!

  4. I never thought I would want to jog, nevermind run. I really save the running for when something with large teeth is chasing me. But, lately I've also been eyeing up the c25k programs. It also means I could buy more gagets...gets me every time! Good luck with it!!

  5. I love love-love this program. I will be a running buddy with you if you want. I haven't started the program yet just walking. I have a great website with different music if you are interested. Email me at
    congrats on the running!