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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally :o) The Rules!!

I can post again on my laptop!!!!

I took it back to the computer shop and they basically had to un-install the whole thing and then re-install windows, this was after two and half hours of trying to upgrade things and un-install some programs, but it worked :o) I can not post.

So first off; here is a post I wanted to do a few days ago:

Rule # 1: Eat 2-3 small meals a day only; eat only when hungry, and skipping meals is OK.I do alright on this one, I have a shake and coffee for breakfast, then a small lunch and dinner, and I don't worry if I miss a meal here or there.
Score:  .75/1

Rule # 2: Eat slowly (wait at least 30 seconds between bites) and chew thoroughly; the goal is masticate food until it is almost liquidated in your mouth.I suck at this one. I eat too fast & this usually ends up with me not eating enough. getting full too fast and then snacking.Score: 0/1

Rule # 3: Stop eating as soon as you feel fullI do this one pretty well. Only occasionally will I keep eating, and that is usually to my peril :o)Score: .75/1

Rule # 4:  Don’t drink while you are eatingI'm very good with this one, only once have I detoured from this rule, that involved alcohol and was followed up by a bit of throwing up and a five day pouch test to get me feeling back to normal.Score: 1/1

RULE # 5:  Don’t eat between meals
I suck at this one, big time :( I just eat too much in between meals. just little things and I do try to keep it healthy most of the time, but that isn't always the case.
Score: 0/1

Rule # 6: Eat only fresh foodI would have to say that I'm 50 / 50 on this one. I do eat out a lot but I have noticed that I choose the fresher and healthier options these days. Having said that I also have days were I don't eat a lot of the fresh stuff.

Also have to take into consideration that I do have a protein shake nearly every morning and that is not so fresh... I still calling it 50 / 50 
Score: .5/1

Rule # 7: Avoid extremely fibrous foodsYeah I think this one is under control. For one thing, fibrous food usually has a lot of bulk too and it not the type of food I really like to indulge in. I have found I prefer to use the limited about of food on stuff that I enjoy.Score: 1/1

Rule # 8:  Drink enough water during the day; avoid carbonated beverages, which can give you gas pains.
I do very well on this one too :o) I am loving the water as long as I am conscious that I need to drink it :p
Score: 1/1

Rule # 9: Only drink no-calorie or very low-calorie drinksOther than coffee and the protein shake, it is all no calorie. With the exception of the occasional alcoholic beverage, but that isn't all that often and what is life with out some fun with friends :o) Score: 1/1

Rule # 10: Exercise at least 30 minutes a dayOkay, When I exercise, I am very, very good, when I don't, I really don't.

When I am not sick I would get more than my thirty minutes in at least four times a day, and on the other days I would be more active.

But lately I have been bugged by the flu and the first thing that is drained with it is the ability to get my exercise in, so I am putting this one at 25 / 75 with me on the low side. But knowing full well that that will back on track before too long.
Score: .25/1

Total score: 6.25 out of a possible 10.By my calculations, that works out to be a D - lots of room for improvement.

It's no wonder I'm not losing weight at the moment. I did have a loss on the scales on Sunday, but since then I have had a relapse with the flu and with that comes uncontrolled eating and some water retention I think. So the scale has already jumped back up. I will have to wait and see if it goes back down. I need to stop the excuses and get back on track and stay there for longer than three days.

Okay, enough weighing from me. I will be back sooner rather than later now that I have my posting back :o) Thanks to everyone for your recent comments. I really do appreciate them!!!


  1. You've done REALLY well overall, we could all use a few tweaks in our routines! :)

  2. I love this rating system you have going on. I may have to steal it!

  3. I loved this post... I was just thinking I needed a refresher course. I am a few months into Year Two and not succeeding much these days. :(

  4. This is a nice reminder of the rules, and a wake up call. Interesting, my doc says 4-6 small meals per day.