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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great and the Crappy

So I have had both a great day and a crappy day so far.

Great, because I went to the gym and did a Step Class
Crappy, because I was a little bit tire and fell over. My ankle is a little sore, but should be fine.

Great, because I made a yummy salad for my lunch.
Crappy, because I still felt hungry and so ate a chocolate bar and packet of corn chips.

I think this is all steming from the fact that I am tired. I had a late night. It was a friend's mother's birthday last night, so I went to dinner, I didn't drink much - only one drink, and for dinner I ate a really small portion of grilled fish and about two chips. Instead of buying a HUGE meal, I just had some of someone else's. It worked out well. I chipped in for their meal and didn't have to face the waiters with a full plate when they took the dishes away. Believe me, the meals were big.

I didn't get home until after 11pm and although that wasn't so late, it was for me.I find myself in bed by 10 - 10:30 most nights. Plus I had been at work all day, and that is just tiring in itself :o)

Something else happened at the gym this morning that has never happened before!!

I was drinking some water and for the first time ever I felt the water gurgle through the pouch!!!! Now I have not decided on which side of the great / crappy debate this bit of info belongs too, but I am leaning towards the crappy, cause it could cause troubles down the track.

I know I am tighter than I have ever been, but that has never happened. I think I was just a bit dehydrated and that made it all the more tighter, but for a little while I could actually feel the water sitting in the little pouch before it went down. It was a freaky feeling.

I have felt that sensation with food, but never with water. I will definiately be keeping a watchful eye on that, because I know how important it is to at least be able to get fluids down.

BTW, I am fine now - no problems - that is why I think I was just a bit dehydrated.

So anyway, I best get back to work - lunch break is over and I need to keep the fingers busy so that I stay away from the dreaded snack machine - two visits in one day is already two too many!!

One last thing - Weigh In for the Spring Challenge this morning:
262.6 lbs 
That's down 2.2 pounds :o)

I'll take that thank you Mr Scale :o)


  1. You're doing really well! I sometimes feel a little gurgly (is that a word?) when I drink very cold water, hope that it loosens a little for you.

  2. I've had that same sensation with water and it is really freaky - Here's hoping it was just an odd little temporary thing!

  3. I've heard the cold water can make the band a touch tighter so possible that between dehydration and cold water, it caused gurgling. I think if it's not happening often, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Great job on the scale