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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not really happening!!!

Here are some of the recent disasters that have happened down under:

January: Qld floods – Roma
January: New South Wales floods
January: Qld floods – Brisbane, Gympie, Ipswich, Maryborough, Toowoomba, Warwick and Redcliffe disaster districts
January: Victoria floods
February: Cyclone Yasi in Qld
February: Victoria floods again
February: Western Australia Bushfires
February: Christchurch New Zealand earthquake
March: Qld floods – Tully region

Now there has been the earthquake and tsunami in Japan – and this hasn’t even begun to go into the winter storms that America has been experiencing in the last few months as well.

What is happening to the world? My heart breaks every time I turn the news on. It has gotten to the stage were I can not listen to it any more. I have enough problems dealing with my own mind crap, vain as that sounds. I do need to concentrate on me and mine in order for me to have some sort of happiness in life.

I guess this is part of the reason that I haven’t mentioned the disaster in Japan in my blog yet or the earthquake in New Zealand. As petty as it seems, I am trying to concentrate on the good and happy things in my life, so that I can be happier in myself, and that is really hard to do at the moment with so many terrible things happening around us all.

It seems callous but I need to departmentalise the news into a small part of my brain. I label it “Not really happening, so no need to worry about it” That way; I don’t fall to bits every day. Is this wrong? How do you cope with all the disasters?

By the way; this departmentalising doesn’t stop me completely. I think of all these people affected and I wish I could go and give them all a big hug. It may not be much, but I just want to offer them some comfort.

This little department in the brain is were I put everything that I don’t want to think about. Renee’s accident, the disasters around the world and the problem is; because I am not dealing with this stuff directly; other things get stuffed I the box by mistake with them.

Motivation to go to the gym, healthy eating, the ability to stop putting the chocolate in my mouth

So I have come to the brilliant realisation that I need to be open about everything. This included the bad things in the world that are completely out of my control. This is a journal of my weight loss journey after all, and as much as I hate to admit it. These world events do play a major part in my journey; because I am not as self conceited as I would like to think I am :p

I guess in order to fulfil this obligation to myself I will need to follow the current events. That will be the hardest thing. But I know it is worth it. I am part of this world and to be in it you need to know what is going on in it.

Sorry if I am rambling on, some might say I just had a brain fart. I am starting to really dislike some things about myself, and this departmentalising is one of them. I need to work on it, and you as my journey readers get to come along for the bizarre ride that it sometimes is.

Who knows; this could just be a flash in the pants and I will never mention world events again. I hope that is not the case.

Please know that for all the people in the world that are being affected by these disasters. You are in my thoughts and I wish you all the best to help get you through it.


  1. I completely understand Sam... these things terrify me at times, they get me thinking too much... but I agree, sometimes you just have to let it all wash over you and take things as they come.
    I'm still getting to know you through your blog, and I would like to say thank you for sharing, you are easy to identify with and your topics make me think... which is good :-)

  2. I never watch the news, ever. The only time I ever hear about what is going on is through others. I find the news depressing, and I don't like to be depressed! It may sound selfish of me, but that is how I operate. My heart breaks every time I hear about any of these disasters, and if I let it, it will consume me, so I do like you and don't really acknowledge it.

  3. I could let myself become overwhelmed with sadness regarding the disasters around the world. I understand the need to be informed, but it's a double-edged sword. I think it's totally normal to departmentalise so don't beat yourself up.

  4. I do this as well. I cannot look at missing/murdered children stories AT ALL anymore. Ever since I had my kids, I will literally start crying regardless of where I am or who's around. So I just avoid them. I don't think it makes us selfish...just human.

  5. I appreciate your openness and transparency...I have seriously felt guilty about not watching and reading the news about Japan...I read a little at time because when I see innocent people suffer, it puts me off kilter...I think not being able to really help makes me feel helpless. I saw that you had a weight loss last week...AWESOME!