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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vague Ramblings

I really have to wonder what I am doing sometime :o)

(p.s. - not really band related, feel free to skip)

Heavy thinking I know, but at times I just do not know what I want to do with my life. I am not sure if I want to stay in my current job, but then I have a lot of difficulty looking and interviewing for new ones.

It is not as if I hate my job, I do enjoy it, but I sometimes wish I could do something different.

Who knows, I will probably read this in a weeks time and wonder what I was thinking. The rambles of a vague dreamer I guess.

It is just one of those days I guess. I made a comment to a co-worker the other day (I had answered a question and she asked the exact same question again, so I said did she not listen) and rumours have come back to me that she was upset about it. But neither she or by boss has spoken to me about it, I heard about it from another co-worker. I am not worried about it but the tip toeing we have to do in our team at times is just so tiring. there are a few members that are young, both age wise and mentally wise and it is frustrating.

Something else that happened is that the whole team had a discussion over three days regarding the clocks on our walls. We have set up clocks with different time zones (New York, Los Angeles, London and Auckland), the discussion was about how to label them!!! Yes!

Two of us thought we should just have the city names underneath, simple, stylish. Others thought we should have pictures and others still thought we should include the difference in time as well (e.g. New York is 14 hours behind us here in Brisbane)

This discussion actually started a few weeks ago when the clocks were bought. As they were still not up on Monday of this week, the two of us that just wanted the names only, decided to put the clocks up and just label them with cities. Well, the commotion that that caused. It's not like we chiseled into the wall. It was laminated pieces of paper, put up with blue tack.

Yes, work politics are getting to me a bit.

In other news, I'm off to see the Queensland Youth Orchestra preform tonight :o) Should be good and in a weird kind of way, weird in the sense that all those young teens can play better now than I probably ever will :o) They have probably been playing since they were 5 years old, but still they have some real talent.

Wishing everyone a great week end. I will have more band related news later - if anything happens worth reporting :p


  1. That's pretty funny with the clocks. The city names is all you need. Haha, I cant believe it was actually up for discussion.

    I work with a few younger staff too, and one in particular is so emotional and gets upset easily. It's just a pain in the butt to work with people like that.

    Maybe it's just time to move on, but not necessarily change careers.

  2. ugh, I hate work politics! hope it all gets better for you! have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I hate office politics! Clocks should not be a 3 day debate. That's crazy.

    Hope you had a good time at the orchestra. I'm always fascinated by young people who play musical instruments so well. I've never had an aptitude for it.

  4. Work politics and chronic daily stress was what got me to my all time high weight way back in the day. Don't let it get you down and make sure you focus on takin care of yourself above all else!