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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Year Later :o)

Wow, can you believe it's been a year since I was banded. Like most people, this bandiversary has gotten me thinking about the past year. And as it is the fashion I have put together the following bullet points on where I am at this time:
  • I am free of the foot and ankle pain that was becoming debilitating. When I stand up, I don't walk funny. I can stand up from the floor with no problem. I can run upstairs without getting winded, and I can walk down the stairs without gripping the banister in fear of falling.
  • As promised, my hair fell out in gobs. It goes through stages and I have notices that it is worse when I am not eating well.
  • I am far more confident and social than I was this time last year; consequently, I'm having a lot more fun these days.
  • I have a lot more energy.
  • I can cross my legs. Almost comfortably too.
  • I'm told I snore a lot less at night.
  • I am not as worried I will break a chair.
  • I am incredibly grateful to all my blog friends for your support, guidance, good humor and encouragement this year.
  • I am not afraid to join an exercise group.
  • I have started to run - and I will only get better.
Am I glad that I got the band?


Am I upset with myself that I am not further along?


But I am still very proud of the fact that as I stepped on the scale this morning it said:
264.4lb / 119.9kg
That means that since my journey started a year ago I have lost:

70.5lbs / 32kgs
And that is fantastic.

I am working on making it an even better second year. But I am going to try and be a little kinder to myself and just take it one day at a time. Applying myself to this journey and each day is what I want to see happen with myself in the next twelve months.

That and have a fantastic time in France and England in October :o)

Once again, I just want to thank everyone for your reading and comments through the last year. I know that without you I would not be as happy and healthy as I am today!!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the year mark - you are doing absolutely fantastically and I have no doubt that will continue into the next year!! You go!!

  2. 70 pounds in one year is phenomenal!!!!!! Keep up the great work! Imagine how wonderful you are going to feel walking all around Europe!

  3. Congrats and great job! One step at a time, remember that!

  4. You've come a long way and have done great!!! I look forward to following your journey in year two...Great job!

  5. Yay! Happy Bandiversary and congratulations on all your success! :)

  6. 32 kgs in a year is an awesome result. Sometimes we need to take a look back to see how far we have really come!

    Happy Bandiversary!

  7. Congratulations, I think that is a fantastic loss and the health benefits are even better :)

  8. Happy bandiversary!!

    32kg is a great achievement!! I'll be struggling to achieve the same, so I think you have done really well. It really is amazing when you think about it. If you hadnt been banded you would probably be another 10kg heavier :)

  9. You've done so great, 32 kgs in a year is nothing to turn your nose up yet! :) I HOPE I do that well!

  10. Happy Bandiversary! 70 lbs is awesome! And that's a great list you've got going. I'm sure next year will bring even more milestones for you to celebrate.

  11. Happy Bandiversary! You've done so well!