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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yet another challenge

But this one is not weight loss related so I think I should be okay :o)

I have always wanted to read the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles and when I came across this blog it seemed like kismet :o) So here I am joining another challenge!!

Books in Series Order:

1) Interview with the Vampire
2) The Vampire Lestat
3) The Queen of the Damned
4) The Tale of the Body Thief
5) Memnoch the Devil
6) The Vampire Armand
7) Merrick
8) Blood and Gold
9) Blackwood Farm
10) Blood Canticle

I am looking forward to this non-weight-loss challenge as I tend to worry about them too much. Now I just have to go out and get the first book :o) (Yes I probably should have done that first, but then I would never have gotten to this post!!)


  1. I have always wanted to read her Vampire Chronicles as well! I will eventually buy them for my Kindle!