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Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Trouble in Little Sam Land!!!

I am back from Sydney and even managed to loss a pound for the end of the Spring Challenge:

All up I think I only lost 4.2lbs over the challenge. I should have done allot better, but as my previous posts have stated, I am working on being nicer to myself and let me continue on with my journey.

So to that end, I LOST 4.2lbs!!!! :o)

But that is not the big trouble. That is family problems, basically, my sister and her eldest are not getting along and I am just impatiently waiting to hear if my niece will be coming to live with me. Talk about unrelenting stress. I think it would be the best thing for all of them if she did come and live with me. They really are tearing each other apart. She is constantly fighting with her mother, father, sister and younger brothers. I think it is just a very stressful situation and she needs to get out of it for her sanity and for the sanity of the rest of the family.

But having said that, I know it is an extremely hard decision to make for all of them.

I just wish there was a rational way to work this all out. But then if that was the case, the whole situation would be different.

I will keep you posted, I seriously do not know how I want this to end. All I do know is that I want my niece to happy for once, and I want my sister to tell me a good day story when I ask how is the family doing, and I have never held one from her. I hope that this will change, for all of them.

I have a lot of catching up to do with every one's posts, so please bare with me as I start that. Comments will start flowing again, I promise. Happy Monday peoples.


  1. Good lose for the challenge! I really hope everything works out for the best with your niece.

  2. Wow, that could be a big change but it sounds like something needs to happen. Congrats on the loss my friend!

  3. How stressful! Good of you to offer to take her in. Not all families would be so generous

  4. You're awesome Sam.................sometimes teenagers and families just need a break.

  5. Any loss should be celebrated. I'm the queen of slow losing, so I should know. It's great that you are willing to have your niece come live with you. Hope it all works out.

  6. Aw...hope your family situation works itself out for the best.