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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Diet

I have noticed a few people have been talking about the atkins or low-carb diets. 

It has all gotten me thinking. I need to bite the bullet and go on another diet.

I need to get my body working towards losing this weight. I am over the stalemate I am creating with myself. My restriction is great, but I am eating crap.

I am not exercising very much and it is so sporadic, I may as well not even bother.

There are a million excuses and I am over them, so come Monday morning I am beginning the Atkins diet. Amy from the Sunkist world has been doing great on it and I know she thinks she is cheating a little, but she isn't. We still need to work the band, and that means doing a diet for a kick start (of the final little bit in Amy's case).

I am starting on Monday as I do need to get some shopping to start it properly. I do not want to start on it and have nothing in the house and so have to cheat on the diet the first day.

The only thing I am wondering about is if I will actually get enough calorie intake. Protein is always such a filler for us bandsters, so I will just see how it goes. All I know is that I have to do something, otherwise I am not going to stay around the same weight, I will end up putting weight on.

Another week on the Spring Challenge is almost up and I don't think I will have a loss. It is TTOM and that always stuffs me up a bit, but it is still just excuses. (P.S. why is it I have to be different from most other bandsters - I get loose and can just about eat anything, most people seem to get tight and have real problem)

Any way, I will keep you posted.

Come on the week end :o) Hope everyone has a great one.


  1. I am with u, I don't get tighter with TOM. I don't know that I am wide open either, I don't think it affects me really, other than my desire to eat anything that looks like it might be chocolate! Good luck on the adkins!

  2. The only thing I would hesitate to agree with is this part: "I am not exercising very much and it is so sporadic, I may as well not even bother." Every little bit makes a difference. Move your body as often as you can. Good luck with the low carb!

  3. Isn't the point of a lapband that dieting doesn't work? I don't understand why bandits are going on diets when they've often spent a lifetime doing exactly that without long-lasting results.

  4. Good luck with low carb. I find that when I'm low carbing I feel better in general. I think I have a problem with carbs. Also I wanted to say hi to you and thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to have fellow bandsters to chat with!