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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What now?

Still no final decision on my niece. I guess in a way this is a good thing as it means they are talking it out.

At least I hope they are talking it out. It is sort of a cone of silence with my sister at the moment. I think the stress of the whole situation was putting a lot of strain on our friendship and lets just say my mum was upset and said some things she shouldn't have and I ended up with a screaming sister. telling me that once she had made a decision about HER DAUGHTER, she would call me and not our mother.

I can understand were she is coming from. At the time I was just super upset about it, but now that everyone has calmed down. I am hoping everything will work out.

And by that I have realised that I hope my niece does come and live with us. The only problem is I can't tell my sister that this is what I hope for, because she will just think I am trying to take her away. I'm not. I truly think it is the best thing for Tori. She is constantly fighting with her sister and mother. Screaming matches with her father. It is just not healthy for any of them. And the thing is, when Tori was visiting us last year, the rest of the family got along great. My sister told me there was barely an argument in the house all week.  But when she is there, all I hear about is the constant fighting and arguing.
It is not healthy for any of them. And it is not healthy for me or my mum. We spend our lives either oblivious to what is going on in my sister's life or in the middle of family screaming matches.

What ever. I guess I am just trying to sort it out in my own head, so that I don't explode and start my own screaming match with my sister and her hubby.

Enough of stuff that I can't control at the moment.

It's the Thursday before Easter. In Australia we actually have a five day weekend!!

Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday - which is also ANZAC Day and then the holiday for Easter Monday because we can't have the same day off for two holidays :o)

That's the good bit, the bad bit is I'm actually working all of those five days :(

I will be having SO much fun being flooded with calls from last minute travellers, or from traveller's that have realised they hate their family and really need to get home that one or two days earlier. I secretly love this time, it's the one time you can laugh at a customer when they ask for a ticket to Bundaberg :o)

What always amuses me is the mum and her four kids that want to travel from Cairns to Brisbane the next day, when the train has been fully booked for two weeks. You see if your a single parent in Queensland you get a pension and with that comes really cheap travel on the trains. Cairns to Brisbane is a  hour trip and a single mum can take her four kids on the train for a grand total of $12.50.

So they love to take the kids on train trips during the holidays. And they just love to leave it to the last minute.

Have a great week end and I hope to have some news next time on the dramas of my life.


  1. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for your family regarding your niece.

    I'm so sorry you have to work the long holiday weekend. I hope you are well compensated for having to work though! Have a great week.

  2. Really hope that everything works out with your niece.