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Friday, May 20, 2011

12WBT and the band

I have received the first weeks menu and exercise program for my 12WBT and it's not as bad or hard as I thought it might be. Here is the menu for Monday:

BreakfastBerry muesli: : Top 50g untoasted muesli with ½ cup low fat milk and 60g (about a small handful) frozen mixed berries, thawed, gently heated over a low heat or in the microwave.
LunchTurkey & avocado rice cakes
DinnerSalmon stir-fry with Chinese broccoli & ginger

The only thing I will change on these menus is the breakfasts. Most of the time I can't swallow more than a protein shake or coffee, so I am not going to push on that as it is totally a band related issue and I am working with my band on this journey. What I will do is add the berries to my protein shake so that I am upping my fruit intake.

Monday's exercise will be as follows:

Gym MachinesBike 10 min Random Program L 4-8 70-90 rpm
Treadmill 5min walk warm up (WU) Repeat running cycle for remaining 10min
X Trainer 10 min Random program L1-4
Rowing machine 5 mins see how many metres you can row, and on Wed try to equal or better it!
Total Time: 40min
Do 2 rounds of Circuit below:
12 × Reverse crunch
12 × Side Taps (L&R = 1 rep)
12 × Full Sit Ups

StretchesBack twist
Hip opener
Hamstring stretch
Childs pose
Quadriceps stretch
Calf Stretch
Chest Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Triceps Stretch
One thing I am looking forward to is following a meal plan and sticking to it.

I think I have been suffering from a bit of anxiety the last few days regarding this program. I have finished work at 2pm and a few days this week I have stopped off at the newsagents on the way to the train and bought a chocolate bar :o(  And even though I seem to be over the cold again, I have been very light on the exercise front. This does make me a little nervous about the plan for next week as I will be exercising six days a week for the next 12 weeks.

The plan for this is going to be to start of easy. Even though I really want to, I am not going to start off hard, because I from past experience I tend to go at 200% and of course fade really fast. I want to last the distance, so I will pace my self. Only go 100% to start off with and then work my way up from there :o)

I had to make a commitment and put it out there so that I couldn't go back on my word, so here is my current Facebook status:

Starting the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation on Monday. Here is my commitment: My commitment to myself is to give the 12wbt all that I have to reach my goals and achieve the weight loss I am after. I make a commitment to myself to follow the eating and exercise programs 110%. I make these commitments because I am worth it and I deserve to be healthy, fit and happy in my life.

So yes, I am committed to it and I will make it through the three months. I have my diary ready to go. I have plan to work through the tough times and the times I just don't feel like it.

I just have to start it and stick with it.

As I read back over this I notice I have rambled a little. Sorry about that. It is nervous energy. I also thought I would include more about the band, but to be honest, all is going well with it. I will just need to keep an eye on the menu plan and make sure I don't irritate or upset it too much as that is the fast track to getting sick again from not getting the nutrients I need.

Have a great week end everyone. Here's to lots of fun with family and friends!


  1. Sounds like a great plan and I like the idea of pacing yourself so you don't burn out. Keep us posted! Remember too, that progress is more important than perfection.

  2. Good luck with your first week!

  3. Yes, first week is the hardest - you can do it!