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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Vitamins galore !!!!
I feel like a druggie at the moment. I have been hit with another cold. So to help fight that I am currently taking my two multi vitamin capsules, a B-Complex tablet, and then for the cold I've also got two black elderberry caps and one ease-a-cold table that is basically zinc and echinacea. And to think I have run out of omega-3 tablets at the moment so there is actually one missing :p

The elderberry, zinc and echinacea mix was recommended by a friend at work who is a bit of health nut. And I do feel so much better already. At least I did until I went over to J's last night after work and we went through two bottles of bubbles. I was feeling okay, so I wasn't thinking. he real problem is that I only got about 5 hours sleep last night and so I'm a little tired and that doesn't help with getting over the cold.

By the way, do you want to know how I got it this time. I went to the GYM... that right, the gym. I was on the treadmill, working up a sweat and there was a blast of cold air from the air conditioner right above me. I was both hot and cold at the same time. I new I should have moved, but did I, NO!!! Of course not. I stuck it out. I am just a little pissed off with myself for that.

But hey, I will get better.

I don't know if I will make it to work tomorrow, if I am not feeling well enough tomorrow morning I will stay home and sleep. I wanted to leave work early this afternoon, but there were so many e-mails at work, I felt guilty and so I plugged on. I won't be doing that tomorrow if I am not feeling well enough. And although I am not trying to talk myself into the day off, I usually don't sleep too well when I am sick.

The e-mails at work are starting to get to everyone - we are supposed to have less than a 24 hour turn around, but for the last two weeks it has been more like 3 days turn around. So the main goal each day is to ensure that we are at least getting the e-mails done from two days previously. It has been a vicious cycle, that started during our school holidays when we got really busy on the phones and so the e-mails were pushed aside. I don't think they should have been pushed aside, but you can't argue with your boss's boss, right?

One more thing for tonight....

Happy Mother's Day

I hope every mother has had a great day and your kids gave you lots of love and kisses :o)

Almost forgot, Here is an updated veiw of my calendar for the month.
A few days of not doing the right thing, but still more pink than orange, so I am not complaining.


  1. Ha! I definately understand taking lots of pills. Best wishes for a speedy recovery on your cold.

    As for your days of not doing the right thing, I'm a firm beleiver that this isn't a diet or exercise program, it's life and always ongoing and always changing and some days are not going to be as nutritious or healthy as others, but just do what you can and get back doing what you know is the more healthful thing as soon as you can.

  2. Lookin' pretty pink to me! I hope you feel better soon. Spring colds suck!