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Monday, May 16, 2011

More on Michelle

How time has flown :o)

For those who did ask, this is Michelle Bridges:
She's the female trainer on Australia's Biggest Loser - we only got one season of Bob and Jillian and then we had Aussies come in for all the following seasons. She's very much into clean eating and exercise.

Her favorite motto is:

F*#% Motivation; Just Do IT

She is a strong believer in the fact that if you use motivation to lose weight, you are more likely to fail. Motivation is too easy to lose, as we all know. So you just need to do it. Make a plan and just stick to it, just as you would say plan when you have your shower.

It makes a lot of sense and so I have jumped on her team and I plan to be able to have this mindset well entrenched by the end of it. Because like so many of us, I do rely heavily on motivation to keep on track, and as you can tell I have not had much of it lately.

I can't wait until it has officially started and I am working through all the pre-season tasks for the program. I'm up to diarising and organising. Making sure I am ready for the bumps along the way, and working out how to work around social engagements and outings and work so that I get my six exercise days in every week and now when I will need pre-made meals due to other commitments. I have already cleared out the cupboards of all junk - I was actually supprised that there was not too much in there. Then I checked my work draw :p I have gotten rid of the crackers, peanuts and half empty packet of chips :o)

In other news here is my May month so far:
Chocolate goals are doing okay, but due to yet another week with a cold, the exercise that I did do last week was just light walks, there was no strenuous workouts last week.

I nearly went a whole week without chocolate, however Sunday was my mum's birthday and we were having another dinner at J's and so to help celebrate J and I made this to go with the dinner we had :o)
It is three layers of meringue with chocolate cream in between and lots of hand-made chocolate flowers all over. Yummy...... I told everyone it was my sugar hit for the next three months, because even when I do have a treat it will not be as decadent as this one :o)

It was a great night and I am feeling a lot better this week. I will be back to the gym tomorrow and I have doing well with my eating well too. I will wait until the first day of the program before I weigh myself.

Have a great week, I am off to do more of my pre-season tasks.


  1. I'm seriously impressed. You are very motivated and organised. Better watch out - you might end up with abs like Michelle's! That cake is a work of art!

  2. Good for you and I totally agree with her idea about motivation. It really does just need to be part of our day. That cake is beautiful!

  3. I agree about motivation. I just can't seem to get the kick in the arse I need to get going!

  4. I agree, make a plan and stick with it cause sometimes the motivation disappears -

    I loved the cake - looks good enough to eat :)