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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blisters!!!! & new blogger :o)

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

There I said it :o)

I went for an 8.5km (5.28 miles) walk on Sunday morning. Half way through I knew I had the dreaded blisters, but there was nothing I could do about it as I was outside, walking along the Brisbane River. I reached the half way mark and just turned back and kept on walking.

It wasn't so bad on Sunday, I think they were still a bit numb from the damage I had done. But I put on band aids and strapped the ankles up as well and off to work I went.

Monday came and I had to take the strapping and band aids off. The blisters had not been dry enough when I first put the band aids on, so it just became a wet mushie, red looking open sore on both ankles - sorry for the graphics there - just be thankful I didn't take photos :o)

So I hobbled around home on Monday night, letting them dry out. Tuesday I bandaged them up again and they were feeling a little better, but as soon as my feet get hot, they really start to hurt.

The morale of the sad little tale, is that I have let these stup!d blisters stop me from going to the gym for the last three days. I have an aversion to pain, I fine when it is happening to me, but if I know it's going to hurt, I avoid it with everything I have.

Okay, my shame is out... I promise I will be back in the gym tomorrow. Even if I still have two big blister wholes in my heels.

No pain, no gain. That is the saying. But why does it have to hurt sooo much ;p

P.S. I just found and other new blog:

Dani at A New Era was banded about nine days ago and needs some of our wonderful support :o) I came across her blog when I followed a new follower of mine. Tracey at Time to Downsize - she's back after having a new band put in only about two weeks ago. Congrats girls!

Happy Hump day everyone - only two more days until the week end :o)


  1. ahhh, sounds like you need new shoes! I used to get blisters all the time but now I have sneakers(trainers?) that I only wear for running, and others that I wear to the gym. They last a lot longer and the gel/support stays around longer. no more blisters!

  2. Ouch ouch! Blisters are the suck! : ( Feel better soon.

  3. New shoes and moleskin should fix your problem. They also have this blister spray stuff that you spray on your feet before you head out and it creates like a second skin. It REALLY works. I used it for the 3 day - 60 miles and only 1 blister and I got it on the last day. Hope that helps. Also, at least you have an excuse as to why you're not hitting the gym...I'm just a lazy sack of poo.

  4. Eek, I hate blisters! I hope you're feeling better by today! :(

  5. Hi Sam, thanks for the linage. I love your blog layout, I have background envy... :)

    I am looking forward to catching up with your posts. Hope it has stopped raining down in Brissie today. I am up in Central Qld (Rocky) and we had a top temperature of 11degrees yesterday. Can you believe that?

    See you on the boards,

  6. Thanks so much for the mention- I have only just got the commenting working,I love your blog design.Looking forward to following your journey.