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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Excuses and a hair cut

Howdy peeps, long time not post. Sorry for the absence. I guess I am not immune to the bad blogger syndrome. I came down with the flu yet again, and it has lingered. Not full blown - can't function flu, -just the cough and just general heavy chest feeling for the last week and a half.

Just enough that I have not been able to exercise, because as soon as I start any strenuous walking or other exercises I get a cough that won't stop and a real heavy feeling in the chest. It sucks.

And because I can't exercise, the food choices have not been the best either. I hate to say it, but I have not been eating well. I have a great meal plan all set out for be on Michelle Bridge's 12week Body Transformation and I have not had the energy to cook any of the meals or organise any of the lunches, so lunch has been sushi and dinner has been whatever I can scrap together from the scraps I have been able to find in the fridge and pantry.

Yes I am hanging my head in shame from this lack of effort. If I had put the limited energy I have had into eating to the healthy plan I have at my disposal I may be feeling better than I do now. As it is I just fell depressed that I have eaten too much chocolate this last week.

On the bright side, I haven't  done too much damage on the scales. i checked this morning and it was at 116.9kg (257.2lb) so that is just a smidgen over the lowest I have been lately.

Okay, so enough of the pity party for one :o)

Here's what my hair looks like now:

Short back and sides, that is what I wanted and that is what I got.

I really like it, and I think it looks good. I think I wanted a change because I have been sick. Nothing like a change to get you back on track. And it has worked. I have been eating a little bit healthier since. Although there has still been too much chocolate in my diet lately.

It's alright, I will get there. I just have to say no to all the unhealthy stuff and eat more of the yummy healthy food, and that is what gets me the most. I am loving the food from the 12WBT and it just my own laziness that has prevented me from cooking all these great recipes.

Look I am back to the pity party for one. I think I had better go and get some sleep. Have a great week-end and I hope to be back to my usual self by next week.


  1. I am sorry you have been under the weather! And you will get back on track! I love LOVE the new hair cut. I think it suits you!

  2. Love the hair.

    I am the exact same when sick-- but you're right, the healthy will make you feel much better than the chocolate will (and you won't have to deal with the guilt to boot).

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. You look great, just the thing to get you back on track! :)

  4. So sorry you haven't been feeling well Sam, feel better soon dear then the rest will fall back in place.

    Love love the haircut! So sassy! I am totally getting my hair cut off when I get to goal weight. I've always wanted something similar to what you are now sporting.

  5. I love the hair cut!!! - I hope you're feeling better soon!!

  6. time to make this your new profile pic. Love the new cut!

  7. I like the haircut. Sometimes making a change to the outside is just what I need when I'm fighting to be well on the inside. Don't be too hard on yourself. All will be well.

  8. OMG! I love the new 'do! Almost makes me want to go out and chop all mine off...almost.

  9. Love the hair cut. It really compliments your face. You are WAY brave to just go for it and get the cut, I am so afraid of scissor near my hair. Mine grows so slow, so if I cut, I am stuck with it for a long time.