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Monday, July 18, 2011


On Sunday I had lunch with the Lapband Support group here in Brisbane and we were talking about the gym and how I was trying to learn to run. I was boosting about the fact that while I was not having a lot of success getting past the stage were I jog for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute and 30 seconds. I was not having any problems with my knees.

I am amazed at the difference between when I weighted 120kg and now that I weigh 115-117kg (depending on the day), I haven't had any problems with the run program, and if I could stay on the gym program for more than two weeks at a time I am sure I would be able to run further.

After lunch when I got home, I thought I should go to the gym, talking about it had reminded me that I had not been in a few days and that I wanted to do that run program. I did it, along with some weights and a good long stretch.


When I cooled down, I noticed a bit of pain in my right shin, it got worse through out the night and all today, if I was sitting still too long, it got really sore.

I think it is the early signs of shin splints. From what I have read on the net, the pain is similar, and it is relieved if I give my calf a good stretch. Go figure. that's what I get for boasting about not having any problems with running. At least it wasn't my knees!!!

I am planning lots of stretches, and a few days off the treadmill. The main problem I think was that I didn't warm up enough before I started jogging. Too eager to go a good session at the gym after a lovely lunch and band friendly conversations.

I'll have to use the bike at the gym instead, which is a good thing, because I am thinking of getting one to ride to and from the station; so I should get some practise in and see if I can actually ride the bike on a daily basis.

Other than that, I'm doing well. My daily challenges are going okay, as long as I stay away from baning the chocolate. If I stay away from that one; I am more likely to not eat chocolate. If I challenge myself to have no chocolate; than before my work day is over I have had it and am looking for more. One of these days I will learn. Tomorrow it is to go to the Body Combat Class at the gym, There isn't too much running in that class, so it should be fine on my leg.

I just finished making a very yummy ham and chick pea soup, so I have healthy lunches for the rest of the week. Although my biggest struggle is when I finish work and am facing the 1 hour train trip home, it takes a lot of will power to not buy a chocolate bar for the train home. 

What can I say, I am such a work in progress. It sometimes gets beyond a joke, but I am trying each and every day.

Hope everyone else had a great Monday :o)


  1. My Monday is just starting!!!

  2. I had a pretty good Monday,Thank you-that ham and chickpea soup sounds yummy! it sounds like you are doing well with your exercise, Good Stuff!

  3. Shin splints. . . grrr. Stretching the calf will help a lot.

  4. My Monday is just starting too. And I really wish it was still Sunday (Funday).....
    My ortho doctor told me that every pound off the belly is three pounds of pressure off the knees and ankles.
    So take care of your knees, shins, etc. and it will get better as the weight comes off. He promised me ;-)

  5. Hey there, check around and see if you can find "Detour" protein bars. They have a lower sugar version and I can tell you, they are like a candy bar! They're by far the best tasting one I've found. 15 grams of protein. That might help you kick the chocolate bar habit!

  6. So sorry about the shin splints hon! Great job on getting to the gym though! So proud of you. I think I may want to start running after I get about 50 more lbs off. I'm afraid with all the extra weight that I will injure my knees.

  7. Hi Sam,, I have missed you so much.. I too still have knew issues even though I have dropped 85 lbs.. Make you wonder if the damage is too far gone. But stick with your program you are doing wonderfully.

  8. Oh no, I hope your leg gets better soon, sweetie! Who knows maybe switching up your routine will make you drop a few kg's pretty quickly this week? :)

  9. I don't find that stretching BEFORE running to be that effective for me but stretching AFTER to be extremely important. When I don't stretch after, I'm in pain for days. When I stretch, no pain at all. Hope your shins feel better soon.