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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wondering about tomorrow and England

Yep, tomorrow is a weigh in day and I am wondering.

First off, I just want to thank all you lovely ladies for your comments and continual support. I don't know what I'd do with out your support. And thanks for all the comments on my hair, I am still loving it!!

I used to weight in un-officially every morning, but lately, that has not really worked as the difference from day to day is just to great. I have a feeling it could be water related. only because I have started to notice that I have not been drinking enough, so the days that that I have had enough I notice the scale is down, compared to when I haven't had enough.

I think I have been having enough during the day, but at nights, I tend to slacken off. A few reasons being that I hate having to get up during the night due to late glasses of water, and not being able to drink for at least an hour or so after dinner.

Now with the 12WBT, I have not been exercises - this cough has still been bothering me, and I have not wanted to aggravate the situation. And while I have not been following the meal plans, I have been following the calorie limits each day, so I am hoping that that has been enough for at least a small loss this week.

What I have been thinking about lately is the Trip of a Lifetime :o)

It's only about three months away and I have nothing organised. I really wish I was better at planning and organising. I just can't make any final decisions on where and what I want to do. I search the Internet endlessly and it just confuses me more.

I have enlisted the aid of a co-worker who is great at this sort of thing. I am hoping she will be able to get be started in the right direction.

So that is me for now.  Back soon :o)


  1. How exciting. If I can help with any of your England plans do give me a shout!

  2. I can help with England plans too. I have my favorite places!

    You are a better woman then me! I would love to have the power not to weigh every day but the scale screams my name.

  3. So excited for your England trip!!

  4. I'm lost! What's the Trip of a Lifetime?! lol Are you coming to BOOBS? :)

  5. We were in London about 11 yrs ago and I loved it!!

    I would say that you should not miss seeing:

    *Westminster Abbey-fantastic history there

    *St Paul's Cathedral-beautiful and you can walk up to the top (I only made it half way)!

    *The Tower Of London-you can view the Queen's Jewels there, plus great history

    *Hampton Court Palace-fantastic grounds to walk through and a beautiful Palace

    *Windsor Castle-need I say more?

    *And you can take one of those Double Decker buses that tour the city. It's a great way to see many of the sites of London, so that you know where you would like to see more of. You can purchase a day pass, so that you can hop on and off at any stop all day!

    I hope this helps. :)

  6. Your trip sounds super awesome. I am jeaslous.
    I try to not get on the scale everyday but it is a battle that I lose. However, I only count the lose/gain offically once a week. I would love to pick the damn thing up and put it away except for Friday morning but my super skinny husband claims he weights himself a few times a day and throws a fit. Why does anyone that small need to weigh themself a few times a day? NO idea.

  7. I only allow myself to weigh once a week. Otherwise the scale drives me crazy. So jealous of your big trip!