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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

All right so I have been continually slack on the blogging and for that I do apologise, but in my own selfish way, I do have good reasons.

I have been busy planning the trip of a lifetime :o) At least my trip of a lifetime.

So here is a basic run down of things as they stand:
  • Wed 05 Oct: Leave Australia!!!!!! (Can you tell that I am excited about this; it is a first for me)
  • We fly into Kuala Lumpur for one night, we'll be doing a Batu Cave Tour and general sight seeing of a busy city
  • Fly from there to Paris!!! Arrive at about 9:30am and then make our way directly to London!!!
  • Spend a night in London before picking up a car - Yes people I will be driving in the UK. You better get off the roads :o)
  • From there we will be driving to Edinburgh, stopping for a night along the way and where ever else takes our fancy.
  • 4 nights in an Edinburgh B&B; so that we can explore the city and do day trips to Loch Ness and other great tourist trap sites :o)
  • Then back to London, again with a night stop over on the way and once there we will hand back the car - don't need that in London - I'm not that crazy.
  • 9 nights in a London B&B, here we will be doing the London Eye, lots and lots of touristy things, day trips to Bath and Stonehenge.
  • Then we have a very early flight from Gatwick to Marseilles (bus transfer will be leaving London at 4:00am - don't know what I was thing when I booked a 6:40 flight)
  • Then we will pick up another car for 4 nights in Avignon. I want to visit all the Roman sites in this area of France and enjoy the scenery.
  • Train to Paris where we will spend our last 8 nights. Here is where I want to get lost looking through the Louver, have lunch under the Eiffel Tower and cruise down the Seine.
  • We will also visit Disneyland!!!!! Can't wait for this one :o)
  • Unfortunately; after all this we do have to leave :(
  • We'll be flying home, again via a nights stay in Kuala Lumpur, this time we have a visit to an Elephant Sanctuary - we will be able to feed them and help bath them - sounds smelly but a lot of fun!
  • And after all this I will arrive back home on Monday 07 November!!!!
With such a long holiday I could put my girls Charlie Brown (cat) and Blondie (dog) in care, so I have asked a friend from work to house sit for me. She has a house mate, so it's not like her house will be left unattended. This way she will be able to feed them and offer some loving attention to my baby girls. And Blondie will still be able to have her doggy day care days with out interruption and won't go insane from being in a kennel for so long. the last time she was in for a week and it took her weeks to get over it and be able to handle a day of doggy day care with nearly dying from exhaustion at the end of it.

I am very excited.



  1. Wow, that really does sound like the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy.

  2. WOW, that is the trip of a lifetime - enjoy planning it! :)

  3. Crap, I didn't see Robyn's comment before I posted. Now I sound lame. LOL

  4. I cannot even imagine all of that. Seriously I am so out of my mind excited for you dear. I want to do all of that some day!

  5. Wow, I can't wait to see your pictures and hear what a wonderful time you've had! Happy Travels.

  6. OMG! This trip sounds absolutely amazing! I am so jealous!

  7. What a fantastic trip-a whole month!!! Take me please...

  8. What a fabulous trip. I am so envious! Have a great time!