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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I did survive :o)

So I survived my first day back at work. It was not as bad as I thought it would be... There were only 1043 unread emails in my inbox :o) and I was able to quickly get rid of quite a lot of those by searching and deleting "shift swap" and "daily reports" which are a lot of daily emails that are pointless if you are not in the office.

The workload was not too bad either, which didn't surprise me too much as I choose to have this time off because I knew it was not going to be too busy. Thankfully, when you work in a call centre, there is always someone to help out, but is nice to know that they missed me and told me that I was never to go away for so long ever again. I just know that the work will pile up soon though, as I basically have to go though everything that has been done in the last two months because:
A) so that I know what is happening &
B) so that I can check for mistakes.
Not that I expect too many, but it will be my head on the block if there are any errors that are not caught.

The mistakes in my job can mean that I can end up with 40 people trying to sleep in only 20 beds on a train trip that lasts 31 hours. It has happened before where it wasn't picked up until about a month before travel and we had to scramble to get everyone on the train. That was a big trouble day and I don't want to see anything like that happen again.

One of the things that I am enjoying about being back at work is the fact that I just can't munch all day. I have made a plan to not eat at my desk. One day down; the rest of my life to go :o)

And I am starting back with my after work walk tonight. I wish I could say I was more motivated, but I'm not. Which is weird because I love walking over to Southbank. Does anyone know if there is any research going on into a drug that helps with motivation, but doesn't have any side effects :o)

Okay I have to be going, my train is almost at my destination.

Have a great Tuesday.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to Work.....

So I'm off to work for the first time in 8 weeks. I can't believe it's been so long and yet I have not missed it at all. The time off hs been great, about the only thing I have missed is the regular social interaction. It really has highlighted that most of my social outlets are based on work. Outside of that I only have blogging and a small amount of family, plus a once a month meet up with some other bandsters. But I was away for the last two of them, so it seems like ages since I have see them and I feel so out of the loop.

So, work..... Yep, I really have enjoyed the last 8 weeks. Five amazing weeks away were I really did have the time of my life, and then followed up with three weeks of doing very little. I have nearly finished one of the three photo books that I have to do, and I have finished the calendar for my sister and also desk calendars for me and my mum. The only one I need to order now is a wall calendar for home. But as I have vouchers for the web site, the one calendar will not be enough, so I will need to finish up the book first.

I got the results from my blood work back, all is good, so the being tired is just me. I am a little low in the vitamin D area, so my doctor recommended I start taking that, but that I do not need to take any multi vitamins. That is good. He'll recheck the levels in two months. But untill then i just need to remember to take my vit D :o)

See how easy I get of the topic of work :o) I really don't know what I will be walking into when I get there, and that is the only thing that does worry me. I stopped in at work on Wednesday to meet a friend for drinks and it seemed okay, but the lady that replaced me while I was away had already left for the day. And I haven't checked my work emails. I wonder how many there will be. Thousands would be my guess, due to the amount we normally receive on a daily bases.

Good thoughts, good thoughts.. That is what I need to remember. And my December goals, drink more water, chew well and get the exercise in. As long as I stick to those, I will be fine. All of these things will help me not stress at work and achieve my weight loss goals. (by the way, my fill doesn't seem to have kicked in) But enough on that.

I hope everyone has a great week And that everyone that celebrates it had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Talk soon :o)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

December goals and the Skinny Santa Challenge

So I have been doing a lot of thinking on what I want to achieve in December.

Water: 8 glasses a day
Exercise: 600 minutes in the month
Bandster behavior habit: chew well in every meal and take my time as a good bandster should

I will update my blog on these goals weekly, Fridays along with my weigh in. But I am not going to concentrate on getting e weigh loss this month. I know I'm participating in the Skinny Santa Challenge, but knowing me, I'll do better in it if I'm not trying for the weight loss :o) I'm quirky that way.

Now the festive season is apon us and that means lots of food and drinks.

I have two work Christmas parties to attend very soon. The first is next Saturday and it's our team event down on the Gold Coast, we have even booked rooms for the night so that we can all drink and not worry about the hour or two drive home. Then the following Saturday I have the party for the main office, it's in the city And should be as taxing, I will just have to wait and see how I go with the oth of them.

Okay, onto the Skinny Santa Challenge

25 November - 253.7lb (115.1kg)
18 November - 254lb (115.2kg)
Start of the challenge - 256lb (116.1kg)

Yep, a great big loss of 0.3 pounds!!!!!! I need to get started on those December goals :o) and I think that is all I will say on that for the moment. Everyone have a great week-end! By the way, I got some fill and so far it seems to be okay.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking out for me

So I have made a step in the right direction. I visited the doctor this morning. I wanted to get my blood work checked out. Just to make sure that the lackluster I have been feeling is not health related. I should have done this a while ago. As it has been over 18 months since I have been banded. The doctors recommend that you have your vitamin levels checked at least yearly. So I am a little behind schedule.

Another doctor appointment on Thursday, this one with my surgeon. I want a fill. I got the some fill removed before my trip because I was a tad too tight, but mainly, because I didn't want any problems while I was away. The trip is over, and I am just too loose. Other than in the early hours of the morning, I can just eat way too much. And that is sticking with a proper meal, not just band friendly stuff!

So for lunch today I am having a salad from Sumo Salad. A small container with some chicken salad mixed with corn, capsicum, lettuce, cheese and tomato, with a mustard dressing, and a little beetroot and feta salad to go with it. Very tasty. Something else I did with this meal... I was typing this post at the same time (however lost the original, so I am now re-typing, still some kinks in the DraftCraft app). Anyway, I was typing at the same time as eating, but I was concentrating on what I was eating. Taking the time to notice the flavours and textures as I ate. And the weirdest thing. I didn't finish it because I was full before I got to the end of the meal. And I was really able to taste the wonderful flavours of the dressing on the chicken. Tangy and a little spicy. I think it was one of the best meals I have had since I returned home, and that has gotten me thinking, that my eating habits are a big part of my problem on my weightless journey. I am not taking the time I need.

I was doing it automatically while overseas, partly because we were enjoying our surroundings, partly because I was being extra careful, and partly because I was enjoying the tastes of the food. Yet it seems that as soon as I got home I have reverted back to wolfing down food. Now I know that once does not form a habit. But this is something I am ally going to have to concentrate on. Especially when I return to work next week.

Yes, I do have to return to work :( I wish the holiday could last forever, but it can't.

I will say this. I will not be eating at my desk anymore at work. There is a lovely lunch room for us to sit at, even if it is a bit stark, but I am going to use it. The rule now is no food at the desk.

It is a bit ambitious, at least for me, as I usually snack throughout the day - there, I said it. I am a snacker, and along with still eating too fast, it is the reason for me not losing any real amounts of weight in the last twelve months. But as I am returning to work after two months, I think it is a fantastic time for a whole new mentality there as well.

Do I look like I'm serious and determined to change my life?

Let's see how I'm doing in two weeks, after a week back at work this could all fall apart, but I am determined to give it a try.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogging, getting myself in order :o)

You know what, I sometimes have to wonder if I even read what I type. Take my last post for example. I titled it "Accountability" and yet the main point I made was changing my vocabulary. What I should have titled it was "Lack of motivation and the steps I am taking to help myself" Mind you, that title would have been longer than the post itself :o)

I was also trying out a new app for blogging on my iPad, Its called DraftCraft and so far it seems okay for posts, but I don't think it is any good for photos in the posts, as when I tried to add one, it was huge, only showed half the photo and there was no way to add a caption or change the size of the photo. I plan on emailing the maker and seeing if they have some info on that for me.

So anyway, about my random blogging :o) I know I need to stay focused. To remain accountable to myself I will make a list of my goals. I have noticed a lot of bloggers are having monthly goals and I believe that is a great way to assist with holding yourself account for the commitment we are all making on the weightless journey.

I am working on my list for December, this is a hard month to start off on, but I owe it to myself to do this. As it is a big festive month, I will not aim for a huge weight loss; that would just be setting myself up for failure. No, my goals are going to be water and fitness related I think. That way I can be a countable to myself and everyone else.

I will list my December goals soon.

Another item on my random thought agenda is a reward system for my accountability, how do I reward myself for staying true and following through with my goals? I know that Beth over at has set a reward system for herself where she earns herself points for good behavior and the points are worth a certain amount of money. Can I just say I like that plan and I think I will work on my own version of it.

Sticking to the goals and reward system will be the hardest for me. Usually when I set myself a reward that I want it so badly that I usally just go and get it before the goal is achieved and then forget the goal altogether. So that is something I am not going to do. All rewards need to be earned!!!! This is a lesson I really need to relearn. I guess I got out of the habit when I got my first job, suddenly I had the money to buy the small things I wanted straight away. I didn't need to wait for my birthday or Christmas anymore if I wanted a movie, book or CD, I could just go out and buy it myself, same with food treats, I didn't have to wait for the once a week treat of buying lunch at school. I had my own money and was able to buy all the crappy food I wanted.

If I knew then, what I know now ;p but isn't that the same for all of us. I am sure that if we could, everyone of us would go back and stop ourselves from getting to the point in our lives were we needed to get WLS to assist us. I have always wanted to go back and give myself a good talking to. Encouraged myself to get into sport and onto a healthy diet from a young age. Thinking that maybe if that had happened, I would have become a healthy adult.

Wishful thinking is not the best thing for me, I get too engrossed in what could have been. Another reason for my goals not being met.

I certainly have a lot of excuses..... I have to stop them right now and get on with my journey.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


So I have been doing a lot of thinking. Yes I know, that can be very dangerous :o)

I do have a problem with accountability, every time I set myself goals, I fail to hold myself accountable for them and in the end, I usually fail to achieve my goal. Yesterday's weigh in was just the start of the Skinny Santa Challenge, there are another five weigh in on it and it it continues like last week; I will be unlikely to even meet my goal of getting nder 110kg.

So how to address this problem of mine?

Well I have been doing a little Googling, as we do... And I have realized that one of the most simple things that I need to do is change my vocabulary and stop the negative self-talking that I inflict on myself. So the following are off my list:
"I hope to"
"I plan to"
"Hopefully I can"
And I will be replacing them with:
"I will"
"I am"
"I can"

The most important thing I need to do is stop setting goals that I don't intend to follow through with. I am setting goals hat are acheivable and that I can accomplish.

Feel free to pull me up on this if I drop off the positive attitude wagon :o)

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Skinny Santa Challenge.....and accountability

What can I say, the first week has finished on the Skinny Santa Challenge and the scale read 115.2kg (254lb). At least it is heading south and not climbing. I really have to wonder on my mindset at times, I have all these grand schemes and then no follow through on them. This past week I have been in holiday mode more than when I was overseas.

Yes, I am cooking, and it is healthy food. But there is still a lot of junk food and not a lot of exercise happening. I am working on a post about this lack of accountability, as it is becoming a real issue with me and mt weight loss journey. It is something I need to address. Lately, just the though of going to the gym has me almost falling asleep, I just have not had the energy, and what energy I have had has been directed towards getting my photos sorted. After reading some blogs, I wonder if I should get some blood tests and check my vitamin levels.

By the way thank you ladies for your advice on the iPad, I did take it and after a bit of running around and a call to apple support, I have managed to get the photos loaded up on to my iPad :o) turned out there was a problem with the folder they were in and all I had to do was move them to a new folder and they loaded up fine.

The iTunes drama on the old computer is another matter, basically I have lost all that music, thankfully there were only about two CDs that were from iTunes itself, all the rest are from my CD library, and I can replace the two I have lost fairly easily, the old computer was just too far gone and the iTunes account that it was with... well; I can't remember the password. The email address that it was set up with doesn't even exist anymore. It has worked out well in one sense though, it has allowed me to go through all my music and get rid of the music I wasn't that into anyway. I was quite surprised at the music I was not interested in anymore. I got rid of a few that I had loaded for my mum (I set up an old iPod shuffle for her) she's into country and I am not so I had a few of those albums in my collection.

So back to my iPad, can anyone advice on an app to blog with. Is there just the 'blogpress' app, or is there others? I have heard mixed reviews on that one and was wondering what other people use. Any hints would be appreciated, as you can tell from my recent posts, technology is really not a strong point with me.

Which is funny in a way, as when I was in first grade, I was in a pilot class with computers at our school. These days they just change so fast and I just have not had the inclination to keep up with all the changes, it sometimes feels like if you miss a week, it will take two months to catch up. Sort of like blogs :o)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I shall be reading and commenting as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 5: Trip of a Lifetime

So here it is, the last week... I can't believe it is all over again :o)

Monday 31 October - Art & Wine
The Louvre is an enormous place. You could spend a week there and still not see it all. We managed to see the Mona Lisa, best thing about it was taking the picture of the crowds taking photos of the picture, I wasn't able to get a decent photo of her as there were just too many people there. After all that art we went to a wine tasting at O'Chateau, learnt that I am a Bordeaux sort of girl (and that that will mean nothing if I am looking for a wine at home, because France has a whole different wine language to us in Australia)

Can you see it? :o)
The crowds taking photos of the Mona Lisa
Wine Tasting

Tuesday 01 November - The Wet Day
Started out with a lot of rain about today, visited the Montparnasse Tower, but was a little disappointed with it, they were renovating 2/3 of the floor so you could get the 360 degree view they promised :( After that we went to the Pantheon and the rain was depressing. It also made it a lot darker inside and so the photographer in me could not be fully satisfied!! Also the feet were sore and due to the rain, my mood was not the best. The day did improve after lunch. We made our way to the Eiffel Tower and took a river cruise and then did a tour of the Tower with a guide. Our guide Gil  loved the Tower and the history on it and the surrounding area, he told allot of great stories :o)

The Pantheon on a wet morning
Clouds covering the top on the tower
How it looked when we git there just after lunch.
Night sky cleared up to show the
Eiffel Tower in her nightly glory

Wednesday 02 November - Lost Start
So after taking the wrong train and having to backtrack a little, we made it to Versailles. All the fountains had been turned off; and the statues were in the process of being covered, we still had a great time, relaxing walks through the gardens and exploring the buildings. At least the crowds were not too heavy.

Even with the fountains off; they are still pretty
Walking down the garden path

Thursday 03 November - Disneyland - Take Two
It's amazing the difference a week can make. not a pumpkin in sight, this time it was all Christmas everywhere you looked :o) We had just as much fun the second time round & as the clouds were in the sky and the weather was that much colder the crowds were not as big this time. We also went to Disney Studios this time and it was weird to see the differences in the two parks.
Disney - The magic is real and goes through to all corners of the park.
Studios - How the magic happens and shows how the front view is completely different to the back view.

Different worlds, the castle viewed from Adventure land
The mouse from Cinderella
Studio statue of Mickey

Friday 04 November - Lost Day
In the short time frame of about 5 hours we were able to see both the sun rise and sun set as we flew from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. I think I saw the Great Wall of China light up in the night as we flew over, that looked amazing, I wish I could have taken a photo, but my camera wasn't strong enough.

A morning view (I believe we were over the Alps)
Sunset from the plane

Saturday 05 November - Pachyderms
Arriving into Kuala Lumpur we made our way to the hotel and waited for our tour. We couldn't lie down as we would have slept the day away. After a later than expected departure, we were on our way, slowly... it was a major holiday this weekend and the traffic was terrible getting out of the city. We finally arrived at the Elephant sanctuary.
I want one!!!!
It was an amazing experience and I would recommend the tour to everyone. Just make sure you pay the extra for the private and premium tour as the guides are great and they make sure you get the best experience and we were first in line for the feeding and elephant rides, and we even had preferential treatment in the river. i loved it so much I would do it again!!

Feeding the young elephants
Feeding the big guy up close
This little girl looks so cute
On the Elephant

Sunday 06 November - Homeward Bound
After a sleep in we had a leisurely breakfast and some shopping before we headed off to the airport in a taxi.

A donut while on our last shopping wonder in KL

So there were was my trip of a lifetime. There were a few times that I got pissed off, but they were a lot fewer than I was expecting, so maybe that's the secret to a happy life, leave it and go somewhere else... but than I guess it wouldn't be a holiday and that would take most of the fun out of it :o)

So back on track from know on. Healthy food, healthy exercise and no more holiday junk food...
I hope you have enjoyed the trip as I have reminisced.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iPad is all mine :o)

So I got this brand spanking new iPad, cause I couldn't wait until Xmas &i would have been the one buying it for me anyway :) the only problem is that I can't set it up! iTunes is not recognizing any of my holiday photos, and all of my music for my iPod is on an old computer that is not connected to the Internet and so it can't be transferred to my iPad. I am so technologically retarded it isn't funny! Hopefully I will be able to get it sorted out, otherwise I have just wasted a heap of money and I hate it when I do that!!!!

In other news, my last week of my trip should be ready soon, and I got my hair cut short yesterday.  

Funny story with my hair, it was supposed to be cut before I went away. I had an appointment and everything. However when I went to the salon forth appointment, it was CLOSED, yep that's right, they were closed for renovations. What sort of business closes for renovations and doesn't call their clients that have appointments to cancel, or rearrange? I was not impressed, and to that end I didn't end up getting my hair cut before I left. Hence the shaggy hair while away. In defense of this i have sort of gone a little over board this time:
What do you think? Short isn't it? I like it. But I am not sure what my friends will say when they see it :o) Okay, so I have taken up enough time about my new toy and hair cut. I really need to get set up with exercise routine and eating plan. It has fallen a little bit of the wagon since I have been back. But that all ends, I cannot justify my iPad if I can't do a simple exercise and eating plan. I will let you know how this self bribery works out :o)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 4: Trip of a Lifetime

This week we were in France and apart from the language barrier it was amazing!!

Monday 24 October - Touring
Had a great morning touring with a local guide and seeing some amazing sights. We visited some ancient Roman monuments and Les Baux de Provence (an ancient village) on the top of a mountain before visiting the Pont du Gard - a Roman built aqueduct built over 2000 years ago, amazingly, it still works :o)
We returned to Avignon and spent some time on the Pont du St Benezet (the bridge that only goes half way across the river) and then we discovered a stairway and were able to climb all the way to the top of the town :o) Can not get over the structures and their designs; they are amazing!
Roman Monuments
Les Baux de Provence
Pont du Gard
Pont des St Benezet
Tuesday 25 October - Exhaustion hits
Stumbled through the Palais des Papes (Palace of Popes) before a lovely revitalising lunch of soup and dessert. We really were too tired to thoroughly enjoy the palace, but after lunch we managed to stroll through the town and even bought a painting from a local artist before going back to the hotel for a bit of a catnap :o) All I can say is that my feet were killing me and would have gladly paid for two new ones!!
A courtyard in the Palace
Wednesday 26 October - Arles; a driving adventure
We drove to Arles today. Well Mum drove, and I navigated with the help of the GPS (finally worked out how to use it with no manual) She only nearly went off the side of the road twice - we asked for a compact and they gave us a sedan, it was at least twice the size of the car we were used to driving!! Anyway we visited the Amphitheatre in Arles; I can't believe they still have bull fights there!!
The Amphitheatre of Arles
The Bullfighting Ring
Thursday 27 October - Revoir Avignon
After a good nights sleep we packed the car; had a last stroll through Avignon and then drove back to Marseilles. We caught a train back to Paris. The trains are so fast here. What would take all day in Australia only takes 3 & half hours.... and they allow dogs on the train. I have to admit that the dogs here are so much better trained and behaved. This one was gorgeous :o)
The cute puppy on the train :o)
Friday 28 October - Disneyland!!!!!
I feel like a big kid, it's amazing. We have fun parks in Australia, but they have nothing on Disneyland :o)
Isn't the castle pretty?
A view from the train
Looking toward the Queen of Hearts castle
Saturday 29 October - The Sights by Bus
Well we picked up our Paris Passes and used the bus tour ticket. This pass is great, actually it's three passes - the Paris Pass, the Museum Pass and the Bus Tour ticket. Along with those it also comes with a travel card for all their public transport. We took the buss tour today to get acquainted with Paris. Loved it!!
Can I just add that it is so much easier to get around Paris with no French. Still not easy, but a lot better than Avignon.
View of the Arc du Triophme
Self Portrait with the Eiffel Tower
Sunday 30 October - Take That Batu Caves :o)
We did a tour of Notre Dame and climbed right up to the top (there are 387 steps to the top) and then after also visiting the crypt at Notre Dame and doing a tour of the Opera House; we also climbed the steps of the Arc du Triomphe (there are 284 steps to the top). No problems; and got some amazing views for our efforts too!!
The opera house was also amazing; it really shows when your guide loves his subject and our guide William is studying to be an opera singer and really loved the building and the history. It showed :o) It was one of the day's highlights.
One of the gargoyles
Second highest point :o)
The Opera House
Me at the top of the Arc du Triophme
I can't believe there is only one more week left to show :o) I love these photos and I love going through them again and again. I really want an ipad so that it makes it easier to just flick through them :o) I'm putting it on my Christmas wish list :p

Skinny Santa Challenge: Week 1

Okay, so I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I forgot, because that is what I do lately. I need to list 5 stores I would like to receive gift vouchers from in the rare case that I win.... anyway; here they are:
JB hi-fi (Australia)
City Chic (Australia)
Big W (Australia)

Looking at this makes me realise I am still not a shopper :o)

So anyway, I weighed myself for this challenge and I was not very happy to discover that I am now at 116.1 kg (256 lb) Even with the exercise and healthy food I have gained 2 kilos in 5 days, I am hoping that is water or something, because I am not going backwards, I refuse to go backwards. I know I'm not walking 4 - 8 hours a day, but I didn't think I was doing enough damage to reverse my holiday loss by that much!!

I have a lot of work to do!!!!

My main goal for this challenge is to get below 110kg and stay there... I am sick and tired of the teens that I have been in for way too long!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 3: Trip of a Lifetime

The continuing saga :o)

Monday 17 October - London Pass Used
Went to the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and went on a cruise up and down the Thames and didn't cost me anything :o) The London Pass was a great pre-trip purchase. We really got a lot of value out of it!!
I loved the Tower of London, was a little disappointed in the Tower Bridge, but then I don't know what I was expecting. Enjoyed the cruise, the commentary was fun and very light hearted, with lots of comedy in it. Still walking heaps on a daily bases.
The old entry to the Tower Of London :o)
Tower Bridge - didn't get to see the road being lifted :(
The crew knew how to tell a good story.
Tuesday 18 October - Happy Birthday Tori Went on a train to visit the Queen... Go figure, we go all the way to England and the Queen goes on a tour and ends up in Australia :o) I got a lot more photos of old buildings before taking another train back to London and a visit to the Camden Markets; they had a lot of interesting stuff, but nothing I for me to buy. I would love to go back when I have lost another 30 kilos though :o)
I finally managed to get onto a computer in the early evening and wish my niece Tori a Happy Birthday via Facebook!! Happy 17th to her!!
The Castle
The guard from afar
Theguard up close
Wednesday 19 October - Royal Visits
Spent another day visiting royalty; first there was a shopping spree at Harrods; then Wellington Arch in time to see the hours guard return from Buckingham Palace. A stroll down to Buckingham Palace and took a few pictures. Then off to the Royal Mews were all the horses and royal carriages are kept before lunch and then going off to the Westminster Abbey. Lots & lots of coffins in a really big church. Kind of creepy when you think about it, but there were plenty of photo ops... at least on the outside of the building. Pity you can't take pics inside the Abbey. The guide books never have the pictures I want to take - the building itself and pictures looking through windows.
Wellington Arch - My Mum in front :o)
The gates of Buckingham
The church of royal weddings :o)
Thursday 20 October - The Zoo Due to some protests going on in London there is a tent city around St Paul's Cathedral, once you get past them, you can enjoy the splendor of the Cathedral. Although I was not really in the mood to listen to all the audio commentaries for the place. The long days of walking are getting to us just a little, so we have booked a bus tour to Stonehenge for tomorrow. After that we made our way to the zoo where I took so many photos, I am afraid to look at them all. But there were some really cute otters and the giraffes were beautiful.
St Paul's, on the other side there was a city of tents
protesting on the economy.
A gorilla that was a little photo shy, this was the only
one were he was facing forward.
A beautiful giraffe
The cutest otters ever :o)
Friday 21 October - The Stones The tour visited the ancient Roman Baths, pre-historic Stonehenge and then the Salisbury Cathedral - the first one we have visited that allowed photos to be taken inside. A lovely surprise as I love the architechure of these old churches.
The Roman Baths - toxic water there folks!
The Stones!!
Inside the Salibury Cathedral
Saturday 22 October - Last bit of London
We did the London Bridge Experience this morning, I think I had this place confused with the London Dungeon's as it is supposed to be scary, but I laughted so much I could barely walk. People dressed in scary costumes and jumping out at you while you walk through a maze of darkness and flashing lights.
After this we had a last walk about London; even walked down Old Bond St where there a lot of high end shops are.
The crowds of London :o)
We actually could move for a little while here!
They decorate the walls on this street with gold
Sunday 23 October - A Walled City
Avignon is a walled city. I did not know a lot on this one before I arrived, but it is beautiful. Another dimension in time. Some of the streets are so narrow you feel the need to breathe in as you drive down them. It's also know as the City of Popes as seven previous Popes have made it their home in centaries past. We actually flew into Marseilles and then rented a car and drove to Avignon, at least Mum drove, I couldn't get up the nerve to drive in France, driving on the right hand side just did not sit well with me :o)
The Palace of the Popes
The half done bridge and the edge of the walled city
Well there is another week down. I still find it hard to believe that I took these pictures and was there at the time. Still feels a bit unbelievable :o)

Thanks for your comments on these posts. I love them and I hope I am returning the favour for everyone. I'll be back soon with another post :o)