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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I did survive :o)

So I survived my first day back at work. It was not as bad as I thought it would be... There were only 1043 unread emails in my inbox :o) and I was able to quickly get rid of quite a lot of those by searching and deleting "shift swap" and "daily reports" which are a lot of daily emails that are pointless if you are not in the office.

The workload was not too bad either, which didn't surprise me too much as I choose to have this time off because I knew it was not going to be too busy. Thankfully, when you work in a call centre, there is always someone to help out, but is nice to know that they missed me and told me that I was never to go away for so long ever again. I just know that the work will pile up soon though, as I basically have to go though everything that has been done in the last two months because:
A) so that I know what is happening &
B) so that I can check for mistakes.
Not that I expect too many, but it will be my head on the block if there are any errors that are not caught.

The mistakes in my job can mean that I can end up with 40 people trying to sleep in only 20 beds on a train trip that lasts 31 hours. It has happened before where it wasn't picked up until about a month before travel and we had to scramble to get everyone on the train. That was a big trouble day and I don't want to see anything like that happen again.

One of the things that I am enjoying about being back at work is the fact that I just can't munch all day. I have made a plan to not eat at my desk. One day down; the rest of my life to go :o)

And I am starting back with my after work walk tonight. I wish I could say I was more motivated, but I'm not. Which is weird because I love walking over to Southbank. Does anyone know if there is any research going on into a drug that helps with motivation, but doesn't have any side effects :o)

Okay I have to be going, my train is almost at my destination.

Have a great Tuesday.

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  1. haha.. when you find aforementioned drug PLEASE let me know! :)

  2. Glad your first day back was good. After my surgery date 12/28 and returning to work/school I expect my classroom to look like a bomb went off. I'm new to blogging and could use some pointers

  3. Happy to hear your first day back wasn't terrible. I'm having a motivational issue as well. Can't seem to pinpoint exactly why though. I loved this - "One day down; the rest of my life to go." That's really what it's all about. One day, one choice at a time. Eventually we'll see goal and be able to maintain it.