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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iPad is all mine :o)

So I got this brand spanking new iPad, cause I couldn't wait until Xmas &i would have been the one buying it for me anyway :) the only problem is that I can't set it up! iTunes is not recognizing any of my holiday photos, and all of my music for my iPod is on an old computer that is not connected to the Internet and so it can't be transferred to my iPad. I am so technologically retarded it isn't funny! Hopefully I will be able to get it sorted out, otherwise I have just wasted a heap of money and I hate it when I do that!!!!

In other news, my last week of my trip should be ready soon, and I got my hair cut short yesterday.  

Funny story with my hair, it was supposed to be cut before I went away. I had an appointment and everything. However when I went to the salon forth appointment, it was CLOSED, yep that's right, they were closed for renovations. What sort of business closes for renovations and doesn't call their clients that have appointments to cancel, or rearrange? I was not impressed, and to that end I didn't end up getting my hair cut before I left. Hence the shaggy hair while away. In defense of this i have sort of gone a little over board this time:
What do you think? Short isn't it? I like it. But I am not sure what my friends will say when they see it :o) Okay, so I have taken up enough time about my new toy and hair cut. I really need to get set up with exercise routine and eating plan. It has fallen a little bit of the wagon since I have been back. But that all ends, I cannot justify my iPad if I can't do a simple exercise and eating plan. I will let you know how this self bribery works out :o)


  1. I like it, really shows off your face. :)

  2. Love the hair cut! I wish I was brave enough to go that short, but I think I'd feel naked!

  3. You should still be able to get the music from our old computer if you purchased them via itunes.... All of your music purchases are saved under your email and sign in.. itunes allows you to transfer your music on up to 5 computers... so that way when you buy a new computer or what not all you have to do is sign into your account and a prompt should come up that will let you have your music put on the newer one. My ipad gives me trouble if I plus it into my computer via the usb port on the monitor and therefore I need to plug it directly into the computer ... could that be the other problem?

  4. I love the haircut. I dream of short hair but everytime I do it (and I have tried several times) it ends up with one of those..oh..what happened to your hair situations. Yours looks really cute and flirty!

    You know you can go into the Apple store and they will talk you through and help you out with all this stuff right? It might cost you a little bit for a session but shouldn't as an initial purchase. I had one with my laptop and i learned a bunch of stuff.


  5. cute cut!

    by the way...I really, really, really want an ipad, but am trying to justify the purchase even though I already have the iphone 4. What do you think?

  6. Love your hair!!! So excited for you. I bet you can do all sorts of cute styles with gel and such.

    I love my iPad. Sorry I don't have tips for you about getting it to sync. : (