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Friday, November 18, 2011

Skinny Santa Challenge.....and accountability

What can I say, the first week has finished on the Skinny Santa Challenge and the scale read 115.2kg (254lb). At least it is heading south and not climbing. I really have to wonder on my mindset at times, I have all these grand schemes and then no follow through on them. This past week I have been in holiday mode more than when I was overseas.

Yes, I am cooking, and it is healthy food. But there is still a lot of junk food and not a lot of exercise happening. I am working on a post about this lack of accountability, as it is becoming a real issue with me and mt weight loss journey. It is something I need to address. Lately, just the though of going to the gym has me almost falling asleep, I just have not had the energy, and what energy I have had has been directed towards getting my photos sorted. After reading some blogs, I wonder if I should get some blood tests and check my vitamin levels.

By the way thank you ladies for your advice on the iPad, I did take it and after a bit of running around and a call to apple support, I have managed to get the photos loaded up on to my iPad :o) turned out there was a problem with the folder they were in and all I had to do was move them to a new folder and they loaded up fine.

The iTunes drama on the old computer is another matter, basically I have lost all that music, thankfully there were only about two CDs that were from iTunes itself, all the rest are from my CD library, and I can replace the two I have lost fairly easily, the old computer was just too far gone and the iTunes account that it was with... well; I can't remember the password. The email address that it was set up with doesn't even exist anymore. It has worked out well in one sense though, it has allowed me to go through all my music and get rid of the music I wasn't that into anyway. I was quite surprised at the music I was not interested in anymore. I got rid of a few that I had loaded for my mum (I set up an old iPod shuffle for her) she's into country and I am not so I had a few of those albums in my collection.

So back to my iPad, can anyone advice on an app to blog with. Is there just the 'blogpress' app, or is there others? I have heard mixed reviews on that one and was wondering what other people use. Any hints would be appreciated, as you can tell from my recent posts, technology is really not a strong point with me.

Which is funny in a way, as when I was in first grade, I was in a pilot class with computers at our school. These days they just change so fast and I just have not had the inclination to keep up with all the changes, it sometimes feels like if you miss a week, it will take two months to catch up. Sort of like blogs :o)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I shall be reading and commenting as much as possible.


  1. I use the blogspot app on my iphone.

  2. I second that, there's a new blogger app that works really well!

    You can't read blogs, but you can post.