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Saturday, November 19, 2011


So I have been doing a lot of thinking. Yes I know, that can be very dangerous :o)

I do have a problem with accountability, every time I set myself goals, I fail to hold myself accountable for them and in the end, I usually fail to achieve my goal. Yesterday's weigh in was just the start of the Skinny Santa Challenge, there are another five weigh in on it and it it continues like last week; I will be unlikely to even meet my goal of getting nder 110kg.

So how to address this problem of mine?

Well I have been doing a little Googling, as we do... And I have realized that one of the most simple things that I need to do is change my vocabulary and stop the negative self-talking that I inflict on myself. So the following are off my list:
"I hope to"
"I plan to"
"Hopefully I can"
And I will be replacing them with:
"I will"
"I am"
"I can"

The most important thing I need to do is stop setting goals that I don't intend to follow through with. I am setting goals hat are acheivable and that I can accomplish.

Feel free to pull me up on this if I drop off the positive attitude wagon :o)

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