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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 2: Trip of a Lifetime

So here is the next week on my trip :

Monday 10 October - Walking
Spent the entire day walking around Edinburgh, taking lots of photos. Sore feet, calves and thighs are on the cards; but so worth it. Loving the Gothic buildings. I could take a million photos and still take more! We even walked up St Anthony's Chapel ruins.
The Scot Monument
I love this monument, it is so dramatic!
St Anthony's Chapel
Or at least what is left of it.
Tuesday 11 October - Nessie's Curse
Took a day trip up to Loch Ness, had a great day of Scottish tales and wonderful scenery. Even got to see were they filmed a bit of Highlander (one of my favourite books and the movie isn't too bad) Our bus driver and tour guide Graham had many stories to share on the trail of all the Highland histories, mostly of how which clan killed another clan and vice versa. Can I just add that the scenery was spectacular?
And Nessie's Curse? The battery died on my camera while on the water of Loch Ness - so I couldn't take a picture of the Loch Ness Monster :( they have a statue on the pier that you can take your photo with :o)
Hamish - the Highland Cow
a stop on the tour
Another stop along the way to admire the scenery.
Urquhart Castle ruins
on the bank of beautiful Loch Ness
Cruising on Loch Ness
last pic before the battery died.
Wednesday 12 October - Royalty
Castles, palaces and streets of architecture delights greeted us today. I just wish my camera battery and memory cards were bigger. Visited Edinburgh Castle and my memory card was full before I got all the way through it, and of course they had all sold out of them in the castle. Then after we left and I was able to get another one (expensive tourist trap there) we visited Holyrood Palace where the Queen stays in the summer while in Scotland and there are some great ruins or an old church that are attached, then on a bus tour about the city, when again my battery died....
A very little bit of Edinburgh Castle
Another small bit of the Castle
Holyrood Palace
The ruins of an old chapel attached to the Palace
Thursday 13 October - Depart from Scotland
We left Scotland and it was an uneventful day except for getting a little lost at one point when Mum was navigating :o) It was lovely to just drive and enjoy the scenery and stop whenever we wanted to stretch our legs and have a hot chocolate (by this time we have given up all hope of having a decent coffee in the UK)
Trying to find our way ;o)
Relaxing in the sun in a picnic area at a
highway service centre
Friday 14 October - What a day
This is the day I start off by loosing my debit card in an ATM, how you ask? Why I forgot my PIN and the card was seized!!! Who forgets their PIN!!!!
Basically it was our first bad day, we didn't have many of them and I was sort of over it by lunch time. I was more pissed off at myself for actually forgetting the PIN that the fact that the card was lost. I knew as soon as I could call my bank I would be able to sort something else and thankfully I had split my pay up into two accounts so I still had some money available. 
We made it to London, dropped off our luggage at the B&B and returned the card and spent an hour or two walking about London for the first time.
First look at Big Ben
Saturday 15 October - Walking OMG
For a total of NINE hours, we walked!! Up & down Oxford St, around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens were there is a special memorial fountain for Princess Diana, it's a big circular sculpture with running waters with lots of textures and different affects to the water. At first it looks out of place, but the more time you spend there, the more you realise that it is perfect as it gets people having fun and is a wonder for children of all ages to explore, and I am sure that that is something the the late and great Princess would have loved.
By the end of the day tired and sore doesn't begin to cover how I was feeling, but that was only once we stopped.
The Marble Arch at Hyde Park
Testing the ice cold water in
Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain
The fountain is very interactive and inviting
Very different from most memorials :o)
I love the stone work in all the buildings
And the detail in the sculptures that are
everywhere you look
Sunday 16 October - London Eye This was not a busy day; we were too exhausted still from yesterday. We just went into town and onto the London Eye - photo extravaganza :o) Then after a half hearted attempt to do a lot more walking (we still worked for about 5 hours), we decided to head back to our B&B for an early night.
The Eye is VERY BIG :o)
Looking at Westminster and the Thames from the Eye
So that was just a few of the highlights from week 2. There are about 1200 other photos from this week, obviously I have a photo problem :o) But I'd rather have a photo problem then a food problem, and this trip has shown that I do enjoy all foods, not just the sweets and lollies (although I did have a fair bit of this while away, I realised I enjoyed the wholesome foods just as much, if not more - I just need to remember that now that the holiday is over)

Another week will be released soon, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.


  1. Love seeing pics of my childhood hometown, Edinburgh! Hope it wasn't too chilly for you! It is a beautiful city.....

  2. Ha, you were within five minutes of my flat! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. Ireland looks just like I imagined it to be. I've never been. I have been to London twice but the Diana memorial was not built yet and the Eye was not there either. I guess I'll have to go back for that!

  4. Wow, looks like an amazing trip! The pics are awesome, and look like postcards! Can't wait to see another week.

  5. What gorgeous pics! You look great too! Glad you had a wonderful time.