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Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 3: Trip of a Lifetime

The continuing saga :o)

Monday 17 October - London Pass Used
Went to the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and went on a cruise up and down the Thames and didn't cost me anything :o) The London Pass was a great pre-trip purchase. We really got a lot of value out of it!!
I loved the Tower of London, was a little disappointed in the Tower Bridge, but then I don't know what I was expecting. Enjoyed the cruise, the commentary was fun and very light hearted, with lots of comedy in it. Still walking heaps on a daily bases.
The old entry to the Tower Of London :o)
Tower Bridge - didn't get to see the road being lifted :(
The crew knew how to tell a good story.
Tuesday 18 October - Happy Birthday Tori Went on a train to visit the Queen... Go figure, we go all the way to England and the Queen goes on a tour and ends up in Australia :o) I got a lot more photos of old buildings before taking another train back to London and a visit to the Camden Markets; they had a lot of interesting stuff, but nothing I for me to buy. I would love to go back when I have lost another 30 kilos though :o)
I finally managed to get onto a computer in the early evening and wish my niece Tori a Happy Birthday via Facebook!! Happy 17th to her!!
The Castle
The guard from afar
Theguard up close
Wednesday 19 October - Royal Visits
Spent another day visiting royalty; first there was a shopping spree at Harrods; then Wellington Arch in time to see the hours guard return from Buckingham Palace. A stroll down to Buckingham Palace and took a few pictures. Then off to the Royal Mews were all the horses and royal carriages are kept before lunch and then going off to the Westminster Abbey. Lots & lots of coffins in a really big church. Kind of creepy when you think about it, but there were plenty of photo ops... at least on the outside of the building. Pity you can't take pics inside the Abbey. The guide books never have the pictures I want to take - the building itself and pictures looking through windows.
Wellington Arch - My Mum in front :o)
The gates of Buckingham
The church of royal weddings :o)
Thursday 20 October - The Zoo Due to some protests going on in London there is a tent city around St Paul's Cathedral, once you get past them, you can enjoy the splendor of the Cathedral. Although I was not really in the mood to listen to all the audio commentaries for the place. The long days of walking are getting to us just a little, so we have booked a bus tour to Stonehenge for tomorrow. After that we made our way to the zoo where I took so many photos, I am afraid to look at them all. But there were some really cute otters and the giraffes were beautiful.
St Paul's, on the other side there was a city of tents
protesting on the economy.
A gorilla that was a little photo shy, this was the only
one were he was facing forward.
A beautiful giraffe
The cutest otters ever :o)
Friday 21 October - The Stones The tour visited the ancient Roman Baths, pre-historic Stonehenge and then the Salisbury Cathedral - the first one we have visited that allowed photos to be taken inside. A lovely surprise as I love the architechure of these old churches.
The Roman Baths - toxic water there folks!
The Stones!!
Inside the Salibury Cathedral
Saturday 22 October - Last bit of London
We did the London Bridge Experience this morning, I think I had this place confused with the London Dungeon's as it is supposed to be scary, but I laughted so much I could barely walk. People dressed in scary costumes and jumping out at you while you walk through a maze of darkness and flashing lights.
After this we had a last walk about London; even walked down Old Bond St where there a lot of high end shops are.
The crowds of London :o)
We actually could move for a little while here!
They decorate the walls on this street with gold
Sunday 23 October - A Walled City
Avignon is a walled city. I did not know a lot on this one before I arrived, but it is beautiful. Another dimension in time. Some of the streets are so narrow you feel the need to breathe in as you drive down them. It's also know as the City of Popes as seven previous Popes have made it their home in centaries past. We actually flew into Marseilles and then rented a car and drove to Avignon, at least Mum drove, I couldn't get up the nerve to drive in France, driving on the right hand side just did not sit well with me :o)
The Palace of the Popes
The half done bridge and the edge of the walled city
Well there is another week down. I still find it hard to believe that I took these pictures and was there at the time. Still feels a bit unbelievable :o)

Thanks for your comments on these posts. I love them and I hope I am returning the favour for everyone. I'll be back soon with another post :o)

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