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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 4: Trip of a Lifetime

This week we were in France and apart from the language barrier it was amazing!!

Monday 24 October - Touring
Had a great morning touring with a local guide and seeing some amazing sights. We visited some ancient Roman monuments and Les Baux de Provence (an ancient village) on the top of a mountain before visiting the Pont du Gard - a Roman built aqueduct built over 2000 years ago, amazingly, it still works :o)
We returned to Avignon and spent some time on the Pont du St Benezet (the bridge that only goes half way across the river) and then we discovered a stairway and were able to climb all the way to the top of the town :o) Can not get over the structures and their designs; they are amazing!
Roman Monuments
Les Baux de Provence
Pont du Gard
Pont des St Benezet
Tuesday 25 October - Exhaustion hits
Stumbled through the Palais des Papes (Palace of Popes) before a lovely revitalising lunch of soup and dessert. We really were too tired to thoroughly enjoy the palace, but after lunch we managed to stroll through the town and even bought a painting from a local artist before going back to the hotel for a bit of a catnap :o) All I can say is that my feet were killing me and would have gladly paid for two new ones!!
A courtyard in the Palace
Wednesday 26 October - Arles; a driving adventure
We drove to Arles today. Well Mum drove, and I navigated with the help of the GPS (finally worked out how to use it with no manual) She only nearly went off the side of the road twice - we asked for a compact and they gave us a sedan, it was at least twice the size of the car we were used to driving!! Anyway we visited the Amphitheatre in Arles; I can't believe they still have bull fights there!!
The Amphitheatre of Arles
The Bullfighting Ring
Thursday 27 October - Revoir Avignon
After a good nights sleep we packed the car; had a last stroll through Avignon and then drove back to Marseilles. We caught a train back to Paris. The trains are so fast here. What would take all day in Australia only takes 3 & half hours.... and they allow dogs on the train. I have to admit that the dogs here are so much better trained and behaved. This one was gorgeous :o)
The cute puppy on the train :o)
Friday 28 October - Disneyland!!!!!
I feel like a big kid, it's amazing. We have fun parks in Australia, but they have nothing on Disneyland :o)
Isn't the castle pretty?
A view from the train
Looking toward the Queen of Hearts castle
Saturday 29 October - The Sights by Bus
Well we picked up our Paris Passes and used the bus tour ticket. This pass is great, actually it's three passes - the Paris Pass, the Museum Pass and the Bus Tour ticket. Along with those it also comes with a travel card for all their public transport. We took the buss tour today to get acquainted with Paris. Loved it!!
Can I just add that it is so much easier to get around Paris with no French. Still not easy, but a lot better than Avignon.
View of the Arc du Triophme
Self Portrait with the Eiffel Tower
Sunday 30 October - Take That Batu Caves :o)
We did a tour of Notre Dame and climbed right up to the top (there are 387 steps to the top) and then after also visiting the crypt at Notre Dame and doing a tour of the Opera House; we also climbed the steps of the Arc du Triomphe (there are 284 steps to the top). No problems; and got some amazing views for our efforts too!!
The opera house was also amazing; it really shows when your guide loves his subject and our guide William is studying to be an opera singer and really loved the building and the history. It showed :o) It was one of the day's highlights.
One of the gargoyles
Second highest point :o)
The Opera House
Me at the top of the Arc du Triophme
I can't believe there is only one more week left to show :o) I love these photos and I love going through them again and again. I really want an ipad so that it makes it easier to just flick through them :o) I'm putting it on my Christmas wish list :p


  1. Wow, this is simply amazing! If I ever make it to Europe these places are all on my must-see list. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. If I get the chance to go on a European vacation I'm appointing you as my travel agent! What an amazing trip! Can't wait to see the rst.

  3. I love love love to travel but so far have not talked my husband into France. Your pictures look wonderful!! I hope the rest of your trip is a blast.