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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 5: Trip of a Lifetime

So here it is, the last week... I can't believe it is all over again :o)

Monday 31 October - Art & Wine
The Louvre is an enormous place. You could spend a week there and still not see it all. We managed to see the Mona Lisa, best thing about it was taking the picture of the crowds taking photos of the picture, I wasn't able to get a decent photo of her as there were just too many people there. After all that art we went to a wine tasting at O'Chateau, learnt that I am a Bordeaux sort of girl (and that that will mean nothing if I am looking for a wine at home, because France has a whole different wine language to us in Australia)

Can you see it? :o)
The crowds taking photos of the Mona Lisa
Wine Tasting

Tuesday 01 November - The Wet Day
Started out with a lot of rain about today, visited the Montparnasse Tower, but was a little disappointed with it, they were renovating 2/3 of the floor so you could get the 360 degree view they promised :( After that we went to the Pantheon and the rain was depressing. It also made it a lot darker inside and so the photographer in me could not be fully satisfied!! Also the feet were sore and due to the rain, my mood was not the best. The day did improve after lunch. We made our way to the Eiffel Tower and took a river cruise and then did a tour of the Tower with a guide. Our guide Gil  loved the Tower and the history on it and the surrounding area, he told allot of great stories :o)

The Pantheon on a wet morning
Clouds covering the top on the tower
How it looked when we git there just after lunch.
Night sky cleared up to show the
Eiffel Tower in her nightly glory

Wednesday 02 November - Lost Start
So after taking the wrong train and having to backtrack a little, we made it to Versailles. All the fountains had been turned off; and the statues were in the process of being covered, we still had a great time, relaxing walks through the gardens and exploring the buildings. At least the crowds were not too heavy.

Even with the fountains off; they are still pretty
Walking down the garden path

Thursday 03 November - Disneyland - Take Two
It's amazing the difference a week can make. not a pumpkin in sight, this time it was all Christmas everywhere you looked :o) We had just as much fun the second time round & as the clouds were in the sky and the weather was that much colder the crowds were not as big this time. We also went to Disney Studios this time and it was weird to see the differences in the two parks.
Disney - The magic is real and goes through to all corners of the park.
Studios - How the magic happens and shows how the front view is completely different to the back view.

Different worlds, the castle viewed from Adventure land
The mouse from Cinderella
Studio statue of Mickey

Friday 04 November - Lost Day
In the short time frame of about 5 hours we were able to see both the sun rise and sun set as we flew from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. I think I saw the Great Wall of China light up in the night as we flew over, that looked amazing, I wish I could have taken a photo, but my camera wasn't strong enough.

A morning view (I believe we were over the Alps)
Sunset from the plane

Saturday 05 November - Pachyderms
Arriving into Kuala Lumpur we made our way to the hotel and waited for our tour. We couldn't lie down as we would have slept the day away. After a later than expected departure, we were on our way, slowly... it was a major holiday this weekend and the traffic was terrible getting out of the city. We finally arrived at the Elephant sanctuary.
I want one!!!!
It was an amazing experience and I would recommend the tour to everyone. Just make sure you pay the extra for the private and premium tour as the guides are great and they make sure you get the best experience and we were first in line for the feeding and elephant rides, and we even had preferential treatment in the river. i loved it so much I would do it again!!

Feeding the young elephants
Feeding the big guy up close
This little girl looks so cute
On the Elephant

Sunday 06 November - Homeward Bound
After a sleep in we had a leisurely breakfast and some shopping before we headed off to the airport in a taxi.

A donut while on our last shopping wonder in KL

So there were was my trip of a lifetime. There were a few times that I got pissed off, but they were a lot fewer than I was expecting, so maybe that's the secret to a happy life, leave it and go somewhere else... but than I guess it wouldn't be a holiday and that would take most of the fun out of it :o)

So back on track from know on. Healthy food, healthy exercise and no more holiday junk food...
I hope you have enjoyed the trip as I have reminisced.

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  1. Truly a trip of a lifetime! Just absolutely amazing!