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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogging, getting myself in order :o)

You know what, I sometimes have to wonder if I even read what I type. Take my last post for example. I titled it "Accountability" and yet the main point I made was changing my vocabulary. What I should have titled it was "Lack of motivation and the steps I am taking to help myself" Mind you, that title would have been longer than the post itself :o)

I was also trying out a new app for blogging on my iPad, Its called DraftCraft and so far it seems okay for posts, but I don't think it is any good for photos in the posts, as when I tried to add one, it was huge, only showed half the photo and there was no way to add a caption or change the size of the photo. I plan on emailing the maker and seeing if they have some info on that for me.

So anyway, about my random blogging :o) I know I need to stay focused. To remain accountable to myself I will make a list of my goals. I have noticed a lot of bloggers are having monthly goals and I believe that is a great way to assist with holding yourself account for the commitment we are all making on the weightless journey.

I am working on my list for December, this is a hard month to start off on, but I owe it to myself to do this. As it is a big festive month, I will not aim for a huge weight loss; that would just be setting myself up for failure. No, my goals are going to be water and fitness related I think. That way I can be a countable to myself and everyone else.

I will list my December goals soon.

Another item on my random thought agenda is a reward system for my accountability, how do I reward myself for staying true and following through with my goals? I know that Beth over at has set a reward system for herself where she earns herself points for good behavior and the points are worth a certain amount of money. Can I just say I like that plan and I think I will work on my own version of it.

Sticking to the goals and reward system will be the hardest for me. Usually when I set myself a reward that I want it so badly that I usally just go and get it before the goal is achieved and then forget the goal altogether. So that is something I am not going to do. All rewards need to be earned!!!! This is a lesson I really need to relearn. I guess I got out of the habit when I got my first job, suddenly I had the money to buy the small things I wanted straight away. I didn't need to wait for my birthday or Christmas anymore if I wanted a movie, book or CD, I could just go out and buy it myself, same with food treats, I didn't have to wait for the once a week treat of buying lunch at school. I had my own money and was able to buy all the crappy food I wanted.

If I knew then, what I know now ;p but isn't that the same for all of us. I am sure that if we could, everyone of us would go back and stop ourselves from getting to the point in our lives were we needed to get WLS to assist us. I have always wanted to go back and give myself a good talking to. Encouraged myself to get into sport and onto a healthy diet from a young age. Thinking that maybe if that had happened, I would have become a healthy adult.

Wishful thinking is not the best thing for me, I get too engrossed in what could have been. Another reason for my goals not being met.

I certainly have a lot of excuses..... I have to stop them right now and get on with my journey.

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  1. Hey Sam.

    I am guilty of the same. So many excuses, so many issues. I've been on so many diets, had so many personal trainers, had so much bloody therapy and still I am sitting here eating soft cheese on crackers for dinner cos they get through my band easily. I haven't been to the gym in weeks and I've only been about 4 times this whole year and its nearly December. I'm happy I've lots 20kg but I should be do so much better... but there I go with the 'should'.

    The best thing I learnt out of 12wbt was that saying JFDI (Just F@#king Do It). Not that I've lived by it. But it makes sense. There are no excuses. There is no good time to start, stop or whatever.



  2. I am never good with a rewards system-- for me, the weight loss is the reward, itself. But I do think it is important to find ways to entertain yourself and treat yourself in non-food ways. Manicures, pedicures, massages, going shopping and buying a new pair of shoes or even a cute new lip gloss (it doesn't have to cost a lot of money)... even no money treats: like, my favorite place is the library, so I go there to 'treat' myself to a bit of alone time surrounded by my beloved books.
    Anyway: another great way to stay 'accountable' is to keep on blogging. I know it helps me immensely!!

  3. The reward system has never worked for me either. Some people are motivated by it but the truth is that I don't have the money NOW to go buy whatever I want and that's not going to change anytime soon so even if I hit the goal, there can be no material reward. The self satisfaction has to be enough for me.