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Friday, December 16, 2011

Blast it!!!

Okay so the not so good news:(

Skinny Sant Challenge

16 December - 248 lb (112.5 kg)
09 December - 247.1lb (112.1kg)
02 December - 250.6lb (113.7kg)
25 November - 253.7lb (115.1kg)
18 November - 254lb (115.2kg)
Start of the challenge - 256lb (116.1kg)

Yep, you read correct, that's a gain on 1.1lb. Wednesday didn't help, but then neither did my lack of exercise.

On the good news side of things, it is still 8 pounds that I have lost so far in this challenge, and as I commented recently, 'don't let a small set back stop you altogether' I can't let this small set back derail me completely, and I am no going to.

I still have 500 minutes to achieve for my exercise goal this month, nothing like delaying the start on something to increase pressure. I will make this goal. Even if I have to do a marathon session on new years eve :o) which is going to be difficult as I will be working until 7pm :p

Just means I have to get off my @ss and do something about it.

My other December goals are going well, I'm getting my water in and I am chewing my food well and really getting back into that habit. No more slimming or PB's or throw ups for me :o)

And the best news I have today is that it is Friday :o) the weekend is nearly here and I only have a four hour shift tomorrow and then the weekend is mine. Happy times.

Enjoy your Friday my lovelies ;o)

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  1. I love the positivity here...and "Don't let a setback derail you altogether." SO so true! Good luck with your exercise goal...I've yet to hit a minute goal once I've set it. I've really got to start thinking about January and New Year's and what my goals should be.

  2. You can and will meet those goals! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. You should still be proud of what you have done and how things have changed, there always will be bumps in the road, don't let them ever stop you!

  4. you can totally lose that 1.1 lb in a couple days! stay focused! i totally know how you feel