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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dinner at Sizzl.ers

I just had dinner at I was the final Lapband group meet up for the year. Yep, we meet at a all you can eat resturant chain for our meet-ups :o) it worked out that it was the most convenient location, and as we dont eat too much hey give us a senior's discount! Having said that i have over done it a little with dinner.

But anyway, we were there for dinner and had a great time, one of the women jad to have her band removed in an emergaency a few months ago and just last week had a by-pass. It started a whole new range of talking points. Basically, is the by-pass better han the band?

He group that goes, is sort of divided into two sides. One side are the group ha have been banded for a while, they lost a heap of weight, got to goal and now have put a lot of the weight back on. The other side, have been banded more recently and are still loosing weight. I tend to put myself on that side if the group, even though it seems like forever since i have cominuously lost weight. The original group of bandsters are all looking at the by-pass as the next thing to do, as the band doesnt seem to be working anymore.

I have to sometimes wonder is it the band not working, or is it them not working with the band? But someone posed a new point tonight. The band is too high maintance for them and so is looking at by-pass as an alternative.

Is the band high maintance? I have never really thought so. But then each journey is always different and it may be a big work load for them. All i know is that after i have a meeting with them, I am more inspired to do what i need to do. I need to lose weight and fast.

I guess the real reason for these sentiments is because I had a bad food day. Not just tonight, but today at work, cake and bikkies were consumed again. And what I hate the most, is that I didn't even enjoy it that much. I was eating it because it was there and I wasn't in the mood to fight the urges.

I think I have worked out why though, you know besides the fact that I have no follow thru on sticking to a health plan, and habits because the las few days, I have not been having protein with my lunch, I have only been having a salad of tomato, feta cheese, avocado, cucumber and onion. I have been forgetting to add he tuna I was supposed to have with it. His in turn has left me feeling hungry early afternoon and so I have been snacking on junk, but then that leads to me not eating dinner, cause I'm full.

It's a vicious cycle and it must stop!!!!

And I think I have discovered one small reason behind this insanity.

I blog.

Yep, the solution to dealing with myself, has become a little bit of the problem.

You see, when I blog about something that is upsetting, I type out all my frustration and big dreams for a better me. I pour all of my ideas into it.... And once it is out, I realease it, never to be thought of again (or at least until the subject arises again) Writing is my release and with out this blog, everything gets bottled up and does more harm than good.

Now that I have realized this, I am hoping I can work on it just a little, so that I can stay focused on one thing long enough for it to have an affect on my journey.

But then again, I have now blogged about it, so I may just forget about it again :o)

What I am going to do is spend a little time going back though some of my posts and just check on some things that I said a was going to do, and make a list. And print it out so that I have a hard copy of it. Just to see how things are going.

This blog really is a continuous evolution of me, so I should at least try to keep up with all the changes.

So, after this very random post on lots of subjects, I shall leave you. (I promise I have not been drinking, I am just a little tired) I hope you have had a great Wednesday and that the rest of week happens quickly for us all, and I just want to say thanks for listening, it does help to clear the brain's cobwebs once in a while.

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  1. Sure we would have lost a ton of weight a lot faster with the bypass, but I never wanted the mal-absorption and nutritional deficiency that comes along with that surgery. It scares me. I eat pretty healthy foods and want the benefits from doing so.
    Also, most people I know who have had the bypass go through a pretty long phase of looking 'sickly' because they lose it so fast, too fast for their skin to keep up.
    I don't want to look sick. I want to look athletic!

  2. There is a study out there that compared a group of people with the band and RNY 10 years down the road. Both groups had lost the same average amount of weight (50% of desired). Bypass patients sit at 70% 10 years post op. None of these studies found that most participants settled at their goal weight. The weightloss game is tough no matter which way you do it I think. I know I chose lapband for the lower risk side-effects and the fact that I would have to learn to change my behaviors. I knew that I needed to. I have learned so much from the journey itself, the changes I have made and the changes I still need to make. I still have a back up plan (sleeve) but I am very glad I chose the lapband. I agree that other people are just not willing/cut out to put in the maintenance necessary to use the lapband effectively perhaps for them another method is better...and maybe it is good we can choose.

    Oh...I also agree on the blog thing. I have learned os much and used it to get my frustrations out on paper in order to analyze free therapy eh?


  3. I am of the frame of mind that it is they who are not working their band properly.what an excuse, my band has stopped working. Yes everything slows down but I think we can all attest to the fact that it was a bit easier in the beginning.

    Only you can do what needs to be done to make this work. Doesn't mean we won't have stalls and hick ups. But I am prepared to be the one that fails. Not the band. Unless that is, I have medical issues with it.

  4. I think this will forever be a WLS patient conversation! Myself, I plan to eventually down the road have a revision to a Sleeve. Just because I want to maintain for a LONG period of time (the rest of my life) without having to worry about band maintenance or potential problems like slips or erosion. But I am talking 5-6 years down the road. Not anytime soon bc I don't have the money and want to have kids before doing it!

  5. I think if your body tolerates having a band and YOU WORK WITH it, it is a great tool. If, like me, your body rejects the band....The sleeve or bypass is an option BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO WORK WITH it. There is no magic bullet out there unfortunately!

    Blogging is truly the answer though. I agree that putting it out there is a great factor in our success!

  6. I do think the band is high maintenance. The fills and trying to get to a good spot as opposed to the "instant sweet spot" of a bypass. Hubby has really struggled getting any results from his band so I have two perspectives - mine...which I think has been fairly successful (even though I'm not at goal) and his where not only hasn't he worked the band, but the band hasn't made it easier for him either. I think it just shows that different things will work for different people depending on what they're willing and able to do for themselves.

  7. Haha, "I have not been drinking."

    I feel like Sizzler is a very poor choice for a WLS meeting! You all should go to a swankier place where they only serve 2 oz courses or something.

    I wouldn't say that the band is super high maintenance in anything other than fills. But that part most definitely is! Sounds like these people don't have the amount of support that we do... and that when they hit goal they feel like, "Well, time to get back to eating how I did pre-band." And that's not the point, now is it?!