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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Okay, I'm am feeling so much better! I even enjoyed the work Christmas party on Saturday night. What ever went through me has passed and all I can say is THANK YOU :o)

Now it is time to get my @ss into gear. I have a December goal of 600 minutes of exercise and so far I have accomplished a whole 40 minutes. I am going to meet this goal. So to the gym with me tomorrow morning. Even if I can get in a 40 minute workout prior to work on a semi regular base, I should be well on my way to making that goal. And with a few walks after work will ensure success :o)

My other goals are coming along. My 8 glasses of water a day is doing much better, I have basically only missed it on the days I was not feeling well. Which is funny, because that is when I should have drank more than normal, but I just could stomach it.

And chewing has not been a problem. It is great when a habit is easily remembered.

Now the working week is about to begin again and I have to admit that I wish I wasn't, but than I have worked all weekend and that is my usual response after doing that. Throwing in the work party on Saturday night just adds to the long weekend and I feel as though I have not had any time to myself to recharge the batteries. Mind you, I'll be over that on Tuesday and will race through the rest of the week. Monday blues just seems worse after working on Saturday and Sunday :o)

Okay enough of the negative talk.

Good news on the niece front. She is coming up for a visit :o) Monday 26 December she and her best friend are flying up. Can't wait. I have even been able to wrangle a few days off while she is up here!

That was difficult, as I have just had 2 months off, but due to my work schedule I was only going to have one day off in the whole 10 days she ws going to be up, as I have to work all the public holidays and it was my weekend to work again on the New Years Eve. But as it is really really quite in groups between Christmas and New Year, I was able to get a total of 5 days off.

So I'll work public holidays Mon and Tue, have Wed, Thur & Fri off, work Sat, Sun and public holiday Monday, then have Tue & Wed off. It ain't perfect, but is time off to spend with her and I am really happy for that.

Now I just have to work on what we are going to do to keep two 17 year olds entertained without spending a fortune :p

Wish my luck on that, and I hope everyone has had a fantastic week end :o)

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  1. Two 17 year olds for 10 days? I definitely wish you lots of luck!!!

  2. WOW! You're doing great on the challenge you're in (from previous post.)
    enjoy the visit from your niece!