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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sp@nx and the final Skinny Santa Challenge day

OMG!!!!! I put on a pair of Sp@nx this morning for the first time and i am a total convert :o)

These may be a b!tch to put on, but once that's completed, they are amazing! I had to take measurements of my hips and thigh when I put them on ad they have shaved nearly 10cm (4in) off the hip and 7cm (3in) off the thighs. I was amazed! And I can't believe how comfy they are on! All the shape wear I have ever tried (& that isn't too many, cause you can't get a lot above a size 16 hear in Australia) but the ones I have tried always felt like I was in a still box and not able to freely move. These things hold me in even better that any previously tried brand and I am still able to move, bend, walk comfortably.

The only problem is they cost me $70.00 bucks and I only have one pair. Mind you, I just did a quick search on line and I can get them from overseas for $30.00 US and postage will only be $10.00, so I will definitely be buying and i rating from the US.

Okay, so now that I have got that bit of info out...... Results from my weight in this morning:

23 December - 246.5lb (111.8kg)
16 December - 248 lb (112.5 kg)
09 December - 247.1lb (112.1kg)
02 December - 250.6lb (113.7kg)
25 November - 253.7lb (115.1kg)
18 November - 254lb (115.2kg)
Start of the challenge - 256lb (116.1kg)


I am really pleased with these results. Not only did I loose the 1.1lb that I gained last week, but I also lost another 0.6lbs. Soo much better than what I was expecting with the all the pre Christmas eating that has happened at work this week.

So in the six weeks of the challenge I lost 9.5lb or 4.3kg. And while I am really happy with that loss, I know it's not going to be enough to win, so I can't wait to see who I'm buying the voucher for :o)

On a side note to this, I have really enjoyed this challenge, it would have to be one of the few, were I have actually lost a decent amount of weight. Usually when I sign up I have a great first week and then over the course of the challenge, gain it back and the bounce around that number for the whole challenge.

So I just want to give a great big shout out to Stace @
Ready to Realize for starting this challenge. I have really enjoyed it :o)

Now I am off to work and the Christmas party of food, food and no alcohol - we have a zero tolerance for alcohol in our workplace ):  (I miss the first Christmas I had here were they supplied wine and beer!!)


  1. Well done Sam, you've done really well, especially given all the yummy stuff around at this time of year.

    Can you have a zero tolerance policy for zero tolerance policies on alcohol at Christmas? Have fun. xx

  2. I had a spanx but I shrunk out of it. I only wore it once. Congrats on such an incredibly successful challenge girlfriend. YOU are a rockstar!!

  3. I want some spanx!!-You must let me know the US site, if you order some, Thanks PS Great weight loss!!!

  4. That must've been a worldwide phenomenon as most places don't allow alcohol at the Christmas parties here either. I tried a generic spanx fauxspanx or something...not as good. *sigh*

  5. Great job on the challenge - you might win you never know! :)

    And I want some Spanx, too... I gotta find a pair on sale first, though!

  6. Awesome job!! It was a great way to keep me in check too! I am waiting for a bunch more weigh ins and then I will be able to figure out the winner. I think it is pretty close though!

  7. I have some Spanx and it is quite a funny site to see me in a bathroom stall trying to those damn things up and down...but I like what they do for ya!

    You did AWESOME on the Skinny Santa challenge!

  8. Congrats on your weight loss, you did great! I am a spanx queen now, I could live in mine HA HA I found a pair on for like $10, Im actually going to order another pair that's smaller, it stays in place all day long and is comfy.