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Friday, December 2, 2011

SSC and a Random Rant

Okay, so I guess my plan is working!

Stepped on the scale this morning for the Skinny Santa Challenge and what did I see?

Why it was 113.7 staring back at me. That is a loss of 1.4kg or 3.1lb over the week, so my challenge standing is know as follows:

02 December - 250.6lb (113.7kg)
25 November - 253.7lb (115.1kg)
18 November - 254lb (115.2kg)
Start of the challenge - 256lb (116.1kg)

So it took me a little while, but it seems I am getting ready to start his challenge :o)

Now I just have to stay focused and remember my goals.... Water, chewing & exercise. The rest seems to fall into place when you remember these steps. Oh and not eat crap all the time, that helps too :o)

So I have been reading some past posts that I missed while away and saw Jen from It IS all about me's post from October regarding people who work again the band or complain that he band isn't working for them when usually it is them not working with the band. Now Jen admitted that she had done this in the past herself, and I admit I have done it as well. But now that she doesn't have her band anymore, it makes her mad to hear stuff like that.

I have to say that I totally agree with her on that front. And I am totally aiming this at myself and no one else. I can easily say that if I had not worked around my band for the last 8-12 months, I would be at my goal now. Instead. Have made excuse after excuse as to why I have plateaued / regained / stalled in my journey. And I just want everyone to know that. I am not doing that any more.

I went into the surgery knowing that the band is a tool and nothing more for weightloss. It doesn't band the brain, the hands, the mouth or the eyes. It bands the stomach. That's it.

So why have I been expecting it to restrict every other part of the diet experience? Because I missed the fatty food? Well yes, I did, but I do not miss the aching body after a five minute walk to work. Don't miss the sweaty arm pits and worrying that I stink and that maybe everyone can smell me. I don't miss falling down because I am so overweight that I can't stand on my own two feet.

I know that my December goals are the best ones for my at the moment because they will assist in getting me to were I need to be. At goal. And I didnt expect this to turn into a rant, so please forgive me for that. But I guess I was thinking that if I don't commit myself, it would not happen. Because that is what I am doing.

I am making the commitment to myself that I will no longer take advantage of my band and I will work with it to get to my goal.

Okay, Friday's rant is now over, and from next Friday it will be just a goal and weigh in Friday :o)

Have a great weekend ladies (and gents if you are reading)

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  1. Weigh to go!!! You're sounding so focussed, Love to the read these posts before I start my day,it motivates me,so thanks:)

  2. ::commence slow clap:: LOVE IT!!

  3. Great post. I think being honest with ourselves about where we are in our journey is so important - bravo!

    And great loss this week. :)