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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update on Niece

So I just wanted to let you know that I really appriciate your support in the Matt with my niece. She is currently staying with her friend from school, and for the time being it seems to be the best for her. She wants to do some family therapy in order to work things out with her mum and dad. I hope that they can.

It is hard being so far away from her at the moment, but I am supporting as much as possible.

All I am thankful for is that she is in a family home with people that love and care for her, while her and her parents take a break and hopefully try to sort everything out.

My role as mediator is to try and keep everyone talking to each other. I hope that I can keep that going. It is working at the moment, they just need to keep it up.

One of the saddest comments I have heard from her though wAs when she was telling how her friends at school had rallied together to help her out. As she didn't have her stuff from home they went and bought her some things she needed, stuff like school socks and pens. One of them took her to a stationary store and bought her a pencil ce that was $10.00 and she said to me that they would let her just get a $2.00 one from a bargain store, they made sure she got a nice one from Typo, and she could believe that they would spend that money on just a pencil case for her. It was $10.00 for a nice case instead of a cheap one. That one statement proved that she has never known the thrill of buying something just because it is pretty and nice. And that really makes me so sad. Everyone should at least be able to do something like that once in a blue moon. It also shows me how good her friends are and I think she is right to stay in Sydney were she is to finish school. As long as she has the support of her friends, she will make it, and once she finishes school she will then be able to move up to Brisbane and lead a normal happy life.

And I do know that she will be coming for a visit in the school holidays, she is able to start her summer break, so she will able to come visit and get away from it all.

Thanks again for your support. I just wanted to give you a quick update.

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  1. That's a tough thing for you to deal with, especially from such a distance. She's lucky to have some lovely and friends and a great Aunt, really hope that things work out soon.

  2. I agree with Alison! Really hope things work out soon!

  3. Aww...I'm glad she has friends that love her. That is so important.