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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well I did Walk!

Okay, so I didn't get to the gym an Monday morning, I barely made it to work :o) I was running very late and missed my regular train. But I did get in an hour long walk after work. Yes the after work walks have started again. Mind you the difference in the seasons a few months make is amazing :o)

The sun was still out and the heat was on for it. Gotta love the Aussie summer. I just need to find my cap so that I can keep the sun out of my face and then it will be perfect :o)

Oh yeah, and I didn't make it to the gym this morning either. No reason this morning, I woke up just in time to get up and go, but instead I rolled over and slept for another 45 minutes. I could say that I needed it, but the truth was I was being lazy, and that is not really a good enough answer. So I will be going tonight as there are no plans for a walk.

We have training at work today, something to do with sales. The last group that went said there were some interesting and helpful tidbits, but most of it was boring and didn't apply to us. So I guess I will just need to wait and see for myself.

At least it ain't Monday anymore :o) and as expected my enthusiusm for work is slowly increasing again.

Oh, and another thing that I did yesterday was start tracking calories. On a fitness app for my iPad.

Here is snap of how I went yesterday, too much fat, not enough protein and calories are quite low. I started off with 1200 calories for the day, but it adds the calories you use in exercise. This isn't too bad, but some of the food i ate yesterday, left a lot to be desired. There is a small chocolate bar in there as well as a few biscuits. And dinner was a small fries from McDonalds...

I know that is terrible, but after our walk I had 30 minutes to wait for a train and couldn't wait, mind you, they made me feel a little sick so I guess they got there revenge for my bad food intake :o)

This morning was much better. I have had a bowl of cereal, this one from be natural, full of grains and seeds, I could only eat a tiny bowl, but it is a healthy start to my day, and even though I have a training course, I will still have m salad and tuna for lunch, no cakes, no chocolate and no sandwiches that they usually supply on these things.

I'll let yo know how I go :o) everyone, have a great Tuesday!!!!

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