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Friday, December 2, 2011

Shoulder to cry on

With one phone call your world is turned upside down!

This morning when I wrote that post I was feeling great and all powerful. I could take on the world and succeed in anything that came my way... Then, I get a phone call. My 17 year old neice has left home.

This is the girl that just a few months ago was thinking of moving up to Queensland so that she cold move in with us as she was having so much trouble living with her Mum (my sister) and dad; well, it looks like that only settled down for a little while.

It's fine, she is safe and staying with a good friend of hers from school.

But I had a period of an hour where I didn't know that. I love her like she was my own, and it hurts to think she had to leave home and not call me, or talk about it. She and my sister were fighting again, but she didn't let on that it was getting that bad. I will find out in the next day or two as to what is happening next. I really think that she is not going to go back. And that scares me.

I know she doesn't want to leave her school, and I can see were she is coming from, I changed schools ten times when at school and hated everyone of them, she wants to stay with the friends she has. So that means she wont be moving up here to live with me, so the best scenario is if her friend's parents will be welcoming to her and allow her to board with them. I think they are okay with that (they are both police officers and from what I have heard, really like Tori) so that would be best case. Worst case would be a teenage home, I think that would do more damage than good. She doesn't live in the best area, and the fact that she is as well behaved as she is (ie. no trouble with the law and is not smoking) is close to a miracle. I think that would change if she went into a home.

Unfortunately it is a waiting game for now. If I had the money,I would fly down there now, but I don't.and that just depresses me even more. Another month and I would have some money that I could use, as it is I can only afford transport to and from work, because it is included as part of my wage (one of the bonuses of working for the rail)

Off topic, sorry. This isn't about me. I guess the frustrating thing is that I have no real way of being there for her at the moment. At least not physically, I can only be there emotionally and I have to wonder how good that can be as I sometimes wonder how emotionally stable I am.

Okay, this has helped a lot. I love this blog. It truly keeps me sane at times like these. Thanks for listening to my woes.

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  1. Wishing your niece the best in her decisions. Hang in there, it will work out.

  2. Aaaawww...and it seemed like things were going so well on that front. I totally hear you on being frustrated with the distance. We're such a mobile society but it hurts when we can physically be there for the ones who need us the most. Please keep us posted. ((HUGS))

  3. this is not off topic! We are here for all things in your life...if we can help that is!

    Thinking of ya!