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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banding rambles

Back again :o)

I am happy to report a loss this week :o)

Down 3.2lb or 1.4kg

I just have to keep it up and it will continue. I have been trying to gauge my band and see if I am too tight or need a fill. I just don't get it.

At times I have been thinking I may be a little tight and that one of the reasons I am not losing is that I'm not getting enough protein.

Lately, my lunch has been sushi. One mushroom and tofu and the other a chicken variety. I tend to just eat the chicken out of that one and about half the rice with the mushroom one. And it can take me an hour to eat this. But the other problem I have is that I do snack in between meals, usually morning and afternoon tea only, but at these times I will have a few crackers with peanut butter or some spinach dip. But there are also the days that my morning and afternoon tea will be a bit of chocolate or packet of crisps.

Breakfast is still just a coffee and sometimes a protein shake. Dinner is when I can actually have a half way decent meal. If I am planning my meals I will have a small piece of protein and some veges.

Now that I have typed it all out, I have to say that I don't think I have too much to worry about as I am getting plenty to eat. I just need to make better choices. My breakfast needs to be something more substantial than coffee as I think I would have a better handle on my hunger through out the day. I have some yogurt in the fridge so I am going to try them in the morning. See how I go.

And I know I have said it before, but my chocolate habits are going to stop. I want o be a real success and I know I have done great so far, but I want to do better.

I want to be a super star like Amy and Grace and Maria and so many others of you out there.

I think it has started to sink in that I will have to be on four long flights in October when I fly to Kuala Lumpa and then onto Paris and back, and then two weeks after I get back from there my sister is planning on getting married and I'm to be the Maid of Honour!! That means a dress, a dressy bridesmaid dress. So not looking forward to the shopping for that. She is having her two daughters as the other bridesmaids, so we need a dress that is not only going to look okay on me, but is a style that will also look great on a regular 15 and 17 year old girls!! I will take ideas if anyone has them :o)

I will be doing the shopping for the dress in a few weeks when I go down to Sydney to see my sister and her crew; and I really don't know how to go about it. Do I get a size to small and then make sure I do loss weight? Get the size that fits and then have it altered closer to the date?

I saw this style on a website and quite like it:
I don't know how it will look on me, but I like the idea of the sear sleeves. And we could probably do it with out the sleeve part for the girls. Just a sutler enough difference in the dresses. By the way; Tabatha (sister) wants them in purple with silver accessories.

Hopefully I will be able to find something like this when I am shopping.

Okay, I have gone on enough. I am off to read and comment. Have a great week!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vague Ramblings

I really have to wonder what I am doing sometime :o)

(p.s. - not really band related, feel free to skip)

Heavy thinking I know, but at times I just do not know what I want to do with my life. I am not sure if I want to stay in my current job, but then I have a lot of difficulty looking and interviewing for new ones.

It is not as if I hate my job, I do enjoy it, but I sometimes wish I could do something different.

Who knows, I will probably read this in a weeks time and wonder what I was thinking. The rambles of a vague dreamer I guess.

It is just one of those days I guess. I made a comment to a co-worker the other day (I had answered a question and she asked the exact same question again, so I said did she not listen) and rumours have come back to me that she was upset about it. But neither she or by boss has spoken to me about it, I heard about it from another co-worker. I am not worried about it but the tip toeing we have to do in our team at times is just so tiring. there are a few members that are young, both age wise and mentally wise and it is frustrating.

Something else that happened is that the whole team had a discussion over three days regarding the clocks on our walls. We have set up clocks with different time zones (New York, Los Angeles, London and Auckland), the discussion was about how to label them!!! Yes!

Two of us thought we should just have the city names underneath, simple, stylish. Others thought we should have pictures and others still thought we should include the difference in time as well (e.g. New York is 14 hours behind us here in Brisbane)

This discussion actually started a few weeks ago when the clocks were bought. As they were still not up on Monday of this week, the two of us that just wanted the names only, decided to put the clocks up and just label them with cities. Well, the commotion that that caused. It's not like we chiseled into the wall. It was laminated pieces of paper, put up with blue tack.

Yes, work politics are getting to me a bit.

In other news, I'm off to see the Queensland Youth Orchestra preform tonight :o) Should be good and in a weird kind of way, weird in the sense that all those young teens can play better now than I probably ever will :o) They have probably been playing since they were 5 years old, but still they have some real talent.

Wishing everyone a great week end. I will have more band related news later - if anything happens worth reporting :p

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Year Later :o)

Wow, can you believe it's been a year since I was banded. Like most people, this bandiversary has gotten me thinking about the past year. And as it is the fashion I have put together the following bullet points on where I am at this time:
  • I am free of the foot and ankle pain that was becoming debilitating. When I stand up, I don't walk funny. I can stand up from the floor with no problem. I can run upstairs without getting winded, and I can walk down the stairs without gripping the banister in fear of falling.
  • As promised, my hair fell out in gobs. It goes through stages and I have notices that it is worse when I am not eating well.
  • I am far more confident and social than I was this time last year; consequently, I'm having a lot more fun these days.
  • I have a lot more energy.
  • I can cross my legs. Almost comfortably too.
  • I'm told I snore a lot less at night.
  • I am not as worried I will break a chair.
  • I am incredibly grateful to all my blog friends for your support, guidance, good humor and encouragement this year.
  • I am not afraid to join an exercise group.
  • I have started to run - and I will only get better.
Am I glad that I got the band?


Am I upset with myself that I am not further along?


But I am still very proud of the fact that as I stepped on the scale this morning it said:
264.4lb / 119.9kg
That means that since my journey started a year ago I have lost:

70.5lbs / 32kgs
And that is fantastic.

I am working on making it an even better second year. But I am going to try and be a little kinder to myself and just take it one day at a time. Applying myself to this journey and each day is what I want to see happen with myself in the next twelve months.

That and have a fantastic time in France and England in October :o)

Once again, I just want to thank everyone for your reading and comments through the last year. I know that without you I would not be as happy and healthy as I am today!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Week-end

So it is Sunday afternoon and I am so not ready for the working week to begin :o)

Saturday night was another dinner party at J's place for her Margaret Fulton Challenge.
Prosciutto Melon
This was the entree, prosciutto wrapped melon, sounds funky, but it was actually very yummy :o) We then had a crown rack of lamb with a mushroom stuffing with an eggplant salad and then for dessert a passion fruit flummery. It was all delicious and as it was eaten over a couple of hours, I had no problem with any of it.

Sunday morning arrived and I hoped on the scale and .....


Yep, back up from last weeks weigh in of 262.6lbs

Yes I have been sick again and that also stuffs me up. I have been wondering if a lot of it has to water retention when I am sick. I tend to get a little dehydrated, so I don't know if that has anything to do it.

Why do I not do well in these challenges? And here I do mean both the Suddenly Spring & my own 50lbs in 111 days. I should be well on track for the 50lbs challenge and instead I keep sabotaging myself.

I seem to go into self destruction mode when ever I want to get on target and focused on losing weight. I am trying to not do this to myself, but I am having some trouble with this. One day at a time is all I can do. And trying to care of my health. I am so over the flu!!!

I think I should be healthy enough to actually get back to the gym this week. As long as I am careful in the classes that involve me moving in more than one direction; I should be fine :o) And if I can stay on track to limit the amount of crap I eat - have been doing okay lately - I should be able to lose weight this week.

Okay, I am done for now. I hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally :o) The Rules!!

I can post again on my laptop!!!!

I took it back to the computer shop and they basically had to un-install the whole thing and then re-install windows, this was after two and half hours of trying to upgrade things and un-install some programs, but it worked :o) I can not post.

So first off; here is a post I wanted to do a few days ago:

Rule # 1: Eat 2-3 small meals a day only; eat only when hungry, and skipping meals is OK.I do alright on this one, I have a shake and coffee for breakfast, then a small lunch and dinner, and I don't worry if I miss a meal here or there.
Score:  .75/1

Rule # 2: Eat slowly (wait at least 30 seconds between bites) and chew thoroughly; the goal is masticate food until it is almost liquidated in your mouth.I suck at this one. I eat too fast & this usually ends up with me not eating enough. getting full too fast and then snacking.Score: 0/1

Rule # 3: Stop eating as soon as you feel fullI do this one pretty well. Only occasionally will I keep eating, and that is usually to my peril :o)Score: .75/1

Rule # 4:  Don’t drink while you are eatingI'm very good with this one, only once have I detoured from this rule, that involved alcohol and was followed up by a bit of throwing up and a five day pouch test to get me feeling back to normal.Score: 1/1

RULE # 5:  Don’t eat between meals
I suck at this one, big time :( I just eat too much in between meals. just little things and I do try to keep it healthy most of the time, but that isn't always the case.
Score: 0/1

Rule # 6: Eat only fresh foodI would have to say that I'm 50 / 50 on this one. I do eat out a lot but I have noticed that I choose the fresher and healthier options these days. Having said that I also have days were I don't eat a lot of the fresh stuff.

Also have to take into consideration that I do have a protein shake nearly every morning and that is not so fresh... I still calling it 50 / 50 
Score: .5/1

Rule # 7: Avoid extremely fibrous foodsYeah I think this one is under control. For one thing, fibrous food usually has a lot of bulk too and it not the type of food I really like to indulge in. I have found I prefer to use the limited about of food on stuff that I enjoy.Score: 1/1

Rule # 8:  Drink enough water during the day; avoid carbonated beverages, which can give you gas pains.
I do very well on this one too :o) I am loving the water as long as I am conscious that I need to drink it :p
Score: 1/1

Rule # 9: Only drink no-calorie or very low-calorie drinksOther than coffee and the protein shake, it is all no calorie. With the exception of the occasional alcoholic beverage, but that isn't all that often and what is life with out some fun with friends :o) Score: 1/1

Rule # 10: Exercise at least 30 minutes a dayOkay, When I exercise, I am very, very good, when I don't, I really don't.

When I am not sick I would get more than my thirty minutes in at least four times a day, and on the other days I would be more active.

But lately I have been bugged by the flu and the first thing that is drained with it is the ability to get my exercise in, so I am putting this one at 25 / 75 with me on the low side. But knowing full well that that will back on track before too long.
Score: .25/1

Total score: 6.25 out of a possible 10.By my calculations, that works out to be a D - lots of room for improvement.

It's no wonder I'm not losing weight at the moment. I did have a loss on the scales on Sunday, but since then I have had a relapse with the flu and with that comes uncontrolled eating and some water retention I think. So the scale has already jumped back up. I will have to wait and see if it goes back down. I need to stop the excuses and get back on track and stay there for longer than three days.

Okay, enough weighing from me. I will be back sooner rather than later now that I have my posting back :o) Thanks to everyone for your recent comments. I really do appreciate them!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not really happening!!!

Here are some of the recent disasters that have happened down under:

January: Qld floods – Roma
January: New South Wales floods
January: Qld floods – Brisbane, Gympie, Ipswich, Maryborough, Toowoomba, Warwick and Redcliffe disaster districts
January: Victoria floods
February: Cyclone Yasi in Qld
February: Victoria floods again
February: Western Australia Bushfires
February: Christchurch New Zealand earthquake
March: Qld floods – Tully region

Now there has been the earthquake and tsunami in Japan – and this hasn’t even begun to go into the winter storms that America has been experiencing in the last few months as well.

What is happening to the world? My heart breaks every time I turn the news on. It has gotten to the stage were I can not listen to it any more. I have enough problems dealing with my own mind crap, vain as that sounds. I do need to concentrate on me and mine in order for me to have some sort of happiness in life.

I guess this is part of the reason that I haven’t mentioned the disaster in Japan in my blog yet or the earthquake in New Zealand. As petty as it seems, I am trying to concentrate on the good and happy things in my life, so that I can be happier in myself, and that is really hard to do at the moment with so many terrible things happening around us all.

It seems callous but I need to departmentalise the news into a small part of my brain. I label it “Not really happening, so no need to worry about it” That way; I don’t fall to bits every day. Is this wrong? How do you cope with all the disasters?

By the way; this departmentalising doesn’t stop me completely. I think of all these people affected and I wish I could go and give them all a big hug. It may not be much, but I just want to offer them some comfort.

This little department in the brain is were I put everything that I don’t want to think about. Renee’s accident, the disasters around the world and the problem is; because I am not dealing with this stuff directly; other things get stuffed I the box by mistake with them.

Motivation to go to the gym, healthy eating, the ability to stop putting the chocolate in my mouth

So I have come to the brilliant realisation that I need to be open about everything. This included the bad things in the world that are completely out of my control. This is a journal of my weight loss journey after all, and as much as I hate to admit it. These world events do play a major part in my journey; because I am not as self conceited as I would like to think I am :p

I guess in order to fulfil this obligation to myself I will need to follow the current events. That will be the hardest thing. But I know it is worth it. I am part of this world and to be in it you need to know what is going on in it.

Sorry if I am rambling on, some might say I just had a brain fart. I am starting to really dislike some things about myself, and this departmentalising is one of them. I need to work on it, and you as my journey readers get to come along for the bizarre ride that it sometimes is.

Who knows; this could just be a flash in the pants and I will never mention world events again. I hope that is not the case.

Please know that for all the people in the world that are being affected by these disasters. You are in my thoughts and I wish you all the best to help get you through it.

The Great and the Crappy

So I have had both a great day and a crappy day so far.

Great, because I went to the gym and did a Step Class
Crappy, because I was a little bit tire and fell over. My ankle is a little sore, but should be fine.

Great, because I made a yummy salad for my lunch.
Crappy, because I still felt hungry and so ate a chocolate bar and packet of corn chips.

I think this is all steming from the fact that I am tired. I had a late night. It was a friend's mother's birthday last night, so I went to dinner, I didn't drink much - only one drink, and for dinner I ate a really small portion of grilled fish and about two chips. Instead of buying a HUGE meal, I just had some of someone else's. It worked out well. I chipped in for their meal and didn't have to face the waiters with a full plate when they took the dishes away. Believe me, the meals were big.

I didn't get home until after 11pm and although that wasn't so late, it was for me.I find myself in bed by 10 - 10:30 most nights. Plus I had been at work all day, and that is just tiring in itself :o)

Something else happened at the gym this morning that has never happened before!!

I was drinking some water and for the first time ever I felt the water gurgle through the pouch!!!! Now I have not decided on which side of the great / crappy debate this bit of info belongs too, but I am leaning towards the crappy, cause it could cause troubles down the track.

I know I am tighter than I have ever been, but that has never happened. I think I was just a bit dehydrated and that made it all the more tighter, but for a little while I could actually feel the water sitting in the little pouch before it went down. It was a freaky feeling.

I have felt that sensation with food, but never with water. I will definiately be keeping a watchful eye on that, because I know how important it is to at least be able to get fluids down.

BTW, I am fine now - no problems - that is why I think I was just a bit dehydrated.

So anyway, I best get back to work - lunch break is over and I need to keep the fingers busy so that I stay away from the dreaded snack machine - two visits in one day is already two too many!!

One last thing - Weigh In for the Spring Challenge this morning:
262.6 lbs 
That's down 2.2 pounds :o)

I'll take that thank you Mr Scale :o)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BYOC - PG Version

From Drazil: For those of you who can’t do the *naughty* BYOC today, I thought I’d throw out the normal PG rated version so everyone can participate. Enjoy!
Yep, I am gonna do the PG version :o) I'm a chicken - what can I say :o)

1. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you want on you?

Just a bit of lemon and salt - it really enhances the delicious flavours of the salad :o)

2. What is your quirkiest habit and how long have you had it?

I have a really weird memory, like for stupid things, at work I can remember what a conversation was about two years ago, about why some agent is getting something that others aren't - it freaks my work mates out sometimes :o)

And yet at times I can't even remember what I am supposed to be doing next.

3. If I looked in your fridge, what’s the first thing I’d see?

Left over salad - the tomato doesn't keep very well once it's been chopped and I really need to chuck it out :o)

4. Who or what inspires you and why?

You do - the fantastic people in blogland who have been banded. Whether you are starting, in the middle or have succeeded and are maintaining, I get so much inspiration from all of you.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

In blog land I have fallen off the blogging wagon this week. It's the same story as so many others, I not following the rules and am not really losing, so I don't want to share that with everyone else. Having said that I am trying to get back on track in.

In the real world, as I have mentioned, not really following all the rules as I should be. I have been trying to track, but i hate doing that because it takes a lot of time. Both Renee and Mariah are stable, and are improving each day. They still have a long way to go, but I am told that they are both out of danger. It will still be a long road to recovery, but they will get through it.

Now I'm off to work for the week-end and off to dinner for a friend's mother's 60th birthday - the things we do for friends :o)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Suddenly Spring Challenge Time :o)

Thanks so much for all your kind words of wisdom and pray for my cousins. I will keep you posted on how they are doing. At the moment it really is a waiting game. (I hate waiting)

The beginning of a new challenge has started and this was my beginning:
It will be all down scale numbers from here.

Saturday's night was a friend's birthday party, we went to a Turkish restaurant where I only had a small piece of Turkish bread with some dip on it as a starter and then for the main I had a small piece of some one's pide (it had cheese, spinach and chicken on it) very tasty, but the bread made it very filling, so I only had a very small amount and I was completely full.

It also didn't help that I had two glasses of champagne before dinner. Since banded I find I get really drunk, really easily. I guess it has to do with the fact that I am eating a heck of a lot less than before and I am not eating with or before the drink.

So Saturday morning came and I was awake very early, I spent the night over in the city with some of the girls to save a late night train trip home and my room mate had a bit of a snoring issue. That equated to a bit of a sleepless night for me :o)

But I was fine, I had a hearty breakfast of coffee and then scrambled eggs, then some more coffee when I went window shopping.

Lunch was with the lapband support group girls in Milton, so that was more coffee and then I had a sushi roll.

Still in the city now and getting a lot of walking around done, before going do dinner with some more friends :o)

Yes I had a very busy weekend and it all revolved around coffee and eating.

Dinner last night was crab stuffed avocado. BBQ snapper and then a strawberry cream sponge. A delicious meal by J for her Margaret Fulton Challenge.

Very yummy.

By the way, due to this very full day, my starting weight had to be taken on Sunday night. Not the best, but was the only way I could do it. 

Good luck to everyone in the challenge.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A campsite Explosion :o(

There was a disaster in our family the other day and I was in shock for a little while about it. A camp site explosion caused a fire and major injuries to 7 people. The 40 year old woman was my cousin; one of the 15 year old girls was her daughter, my second cousin.
Top: Renee; Bottom: Mariah -
Link is to the newpaper article
They have been in a medically induced coma since then. My 2nd cousin Mariah has had operations to repair some of the damage and should be brought out of the coma tomorrow. Her diagnosis is looking okay. She is young and the scaring isn't too server. The doctors think the scaring will fade within the next 5 to 7 years. So she does have a hard time in front of her, but she will make it.
Renee on the other hand got burnt a lot worse as she ran into the ten to get Mariah out. She has burns to 20% of her body and has already had a few operations, she will be kept in the coma until at least next Tuesday, and she will need a lot more surgery and will be in for a much harder time of it.

I haven't heard about the other people that were injured. The news on the young boy is that he is stable but still in critical care and will be for a long time as he has burns to 80% of his body.

They are in Sydney at the moment, so I am getting updates sporadically from my sister. On one hand I want to be there, but I know it is pointless at this stage. Only next of kin are allowed in to visit and I can't afford the time off work. It is quite sad when the finances of real world stand in the way of family.

Another side of me says that even if I could go, would I really go. I haven't seen Renee in years, and I am sorry to say that I have actually never met Mariah. Cousin on my dad's side of the family and I really don't have a great relationship with him, so my relationship with the whole family suffered. But she was always a favourite cousin.

Guilt also plays heavily on me now because I haven't been a better cousin.

It's not too late, thank god. I will be able to make up for lost time.

With all this guilt that I am feeling I have all these other random thoughts:

Why is it I can either blog regularly or comment on all your great blogs. I need to read and comment faster so that I can do both more easily :o)

How do I fix my laptop so that I can post on it? It lets me do everything else, but when I go to new post, it just has the loading circle thingy continually spinning :( I have tried everything I can think of. Google help has not helped. The only way I get around it is by typing my post in an e-mail draft and then go onto the home computer just to paste and post the blog. Very time consuming and the pictures take forever on that computer!!!

I also can't follow anyone new from my laptop. So I have a list that I need to follow from my home computer. Only I keep forgetting about it when I'm on the home computer, because it is so much slower than my laptop. I need to take the laptop back to the shop and see if they can fix it :o(

While posting comments last night I have realised a few things:
1. I think I am still hanging onto my images of myself on how I used to be, and that could be a little bit of the problem with me not loosing at the moment.
2. I have some major resentment issued with my half brother - I had to attend his first birthday party on my 21st birthday. A huge milestone in my life and I was surrounded by family that were celebrating my dad's new family and most of them forgot it was even my birthday!! How sad is that!

I just bought Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire to start my reading challenge. I have made my self a promise that I will not buy the next book in the challenge until the one I am reading is finished, otherwise I will get all the books and then not read them as there will be too many there, staring at me, taunting me :o) - yes I know I sound weird.

I still haven't been back to the gym, because this flu is having another go at me. I am back on the cough syrup and flu tablets. It is not enough for me to take off from work sick, just enough to keep me exhausted and unable to get a decent night sleep.

Okay that's me done. I have rambled on enough, I am posting this at work, before I start as I couldn't be bothered trying to deal with the slow home one. I will check in with you later. Have a great Friday and I hope to do the BYOC tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yet another challenge

But this one is not weight loss related so I think I should be okay :o)

I have always wanted to read the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles and when I came across this blog it seemed like kismet :o) So here I am joining another challenge!!

Books in Series Order:

1) Interview with the Vampire
2) The Vampire Lestat
3) The Queen of the Damned
4) The Tale of the Body Thief
5) Memnoch the Devil
6) The Vampire Armand
7) Merrick
8) Blood and Gold
9) Blackwood Farm
10) Blood Canticle

I am looking forward to this non-weight-loss challenge as I tend to worry about them too much. Now I just have to go out and get the first book :o) (Yes I probably should have done that first, but then I would never have gotten to this post!!)