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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Fairy visit :o)

So what do you think :o)

Jen the Blog Fairy has designed my blog. Hasn't she done a marvelous job? I am so in love with the design. Jen has even started up another blog for her new business Jen's Just Fooling Blog Designs :o)

So if you want a blog design that is unique and just for you than please see Jen.

Her rates are great and her work is fantastic.

P.S. with the Aussie dollar being so strong - it was actually cheaper than the quote. In all the times that I have purchased items from the US, that has never happened before. Bonus for us Aussies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The next step...

Firstly, an update:

My niece is not going to be moving up here, at least not at the moment. They seem to have worked the dramas out for now and have a plan in place to hopefully avoid the situation from getting too bad again.

I have my fingers crossed for them, but will be there for them if things go south again. It really is a wait and see situation for the moment.

Now onto me and my band:

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and googling. I have strayed off the banded path and need to get back on it quick smart.

Some of you wonderful bandsters are leaving me for dead in this journey, and I do not want to be left behind any more.

In my googling adventures I came across a forum: Banded Together

What first drew me to this site was this article 'Are you afraid to be Thin?'

This got me thinking and I have to say, that yes I am. I tried the exercise of listing 25 things that I was afraid of and most of them revolved around my self confidence - or lack there of - and not being sexually attractive.

My life so far has been very sheltered. I have never been the jolly fat girl that everyone loves and always had a boyfriend. I hide behind my fat and when I loose that barrier, I am afraid of what I'll see.

Reading this I know I need help, I just don't like talking about it in person. I get so self conscious and just clamp up. So this is something I need to work on and deal with. Not just ignore it. How to do this is were a journal comes into it, because some of the things I need to work through are just a little too personal to put out there, at least for me on here at the moment, maybe later when I have actually worked through some of my issues.

Today I was checking out the forum and I saw another article that struck a cord: 'The Weight Loss Journey: Have you lost your way?' and it gives the 'road rules' for us all:

These guidelines are the directions for your journey. Your road map.
  1. Are you really aware of what and how much you’re eating? Start journaling your food!
  2. Are you grazing? Plan your meals and make them count. Don’t wing it!
  3. Are you eating your protein first? Don't fill up on empty calories!
  4. Are you paying attention to how you eat? Sit at the table. Turn off the TV. Focus on eating.
  5. Are you using small plates? Give me a big plate and I’ll fill it, and then eat it all!
  6. Are you taking small bites? Remember, chew till it’s goo!
  7. Are you limiting meal times to 20-30 minutes? We can eat a supersized meal if we pick at it for an hour!
  8. Are you drinking with meals? Get in that 64oz a day BETWEEN meals, not with them!
  9. Are you eating a minimum of 60g of protein per day? Protein keeps us feeling sated longer! Yes!
  10. Are you taking a daily chewable multivitamin? Getting the minimum RDA of our vitamins and minerals from our food is hard with smaller portions.
They are the rules we all know and most of us follow, but for me it has been a while. I know I have said it before, but this long week-end at work (while devouring copious amounts of Easter chocolate) has gotten me thinking of my journey and I don't like what I am seeing in myself.

The chocolate is my main bone of contention. But as I am being honest with myself today – other than rules 5; 6 and 8, I am lacking in all of these rules.

So what does this mean for me? Well… I need to plan my meals to start with. Too many times do I just rush from the house with out any ideas on what will be on the menu for the whole day. I end up making poor choices and grazing. Once I have this one under way I will work on another.

Also, as hard as it going to be, I am going to have to control the chocolate
  1. be realistic - limit, not eliminate
  2. schedule occasions
  3. quality over quantity
  4. avoid chocolate on display
  5. don't keep it in the house
  6. substitute for something with less calories
{Yet another article I found :o)}

I was originally going to ban the chocolate all together, but that really didn't work the last time. And then I read the above article on it and it seemed to make a lot of sense so I am going to give this a good try.

I am going to do up a calendar (that I saw someone do some where); crossing off each day that I don’t eat chocolate and write the occasions I am allowed some onto it. I am aiming to stick to this plan for a full month. I will even post a picture at the end of the month to show all how this first month has gone. that is the shortest period of time it usually takes to successfully start a new habit, so I will reassess it after this time.

Here I go again, making lots of plans for my weight loss journey :p

To recap {more for me than you guys :o)}
  • I will start a personal journal and work my way through the ‘I am afraid to lose weight because’ list
  • Plan me meals
  • Stop the chocolate insanity
Please keep me sane will I endeavour to accomplish these tasks.

I hope everyone is has a great week, and if you are finishing the extra, extra long week-end – have fun at work tomorrow :o)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest We Forget

Like most Australian; I am very proud of our ANZACs.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps – The ANZACs
A grand tradition in the world of armies since the First World War; when the Australians and New Zealanders were sent to die in Gallipoli and other various places, but were strong enough and versatile enough to live to fight another day.

To all the soldiers all over the world. thank you for your sacrific and your duty to your country.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What now?

Still no final decision on my niece. I guess in a way this is a good thing as it means they are talking it out.

At least I hope they are talking it out. It is sort of a cone of silence with my sister at the moment. I think the stress of the whole situation was putting a lot of strain on our friendship and lets just say my mum was upset and said some things she shouldn't have and I ended up with a screaming sister. telling me that once she had made a decision about HER DAUGHTER, she would call me and not our mother.

I can understand were she is coming from. At the time I was just super upset about it, but now that everyone has calmed down. I am hoping everything will work out.

And by that I have realised that I hope my niece does come and live with us. The only problem is I can't tell my sister that this is what I hope for, because she will just think I am trying to take her away. I'm not. I truly think it is the best thing for Tori. She is constantly fighting with her sister and mother. Screaming matches with her father. It is just not healthy for any of them. And the thing is, when Tori was visiting us last year, the rest of the family got along great. My sister told me there was barely an argument in the house all week.  But when she is there, all I hear about is the constant fighting and arguing.
It is not healthy for any of them. And it is not healthy for me or my mum. We spend our lives either oblivious to what is going on in my sister's life or in the middle of family screaming matches.

What ever. I guess I am just trying to sort it out in my own head, so that I don't explode and start my own screaming match with my sister and her hubby.

Enough of stuff that I can't control at the moment.

It's the Thursday before Easter. In Australia we actually have a five day weekend!!

Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday - which is also ANZAC Day and then the holiday for Easter Monday because we can't have the same day off for two holidays :o)

That's the good bit, the bad bit is I'm actually working all of those five days :(

I will be having SO much fun being flooded with calls from last minute travellers, or from traveller's that have realised they hate their family and really need to get home that one or two days earlier. I secretly love this time, it's the one time you can laugh at a customer when they ask for a ticket to Bundaberg :o)

What always amuses me is the mum and her four kids that want to travel from Cairns to Brisbane the next day, when the train has been fully booked for two weeks. You see if your a single parent in Queensland you get a pension and with that comes really cheap travel on the trains. Cairns to Brisbane is a  hour trip and a single mum can take her four kids on the train for a grand total of $12.50.

So they love to take the kids on train trips during the holidays. And they just love to leave it to the last minute.

Have a great week end and I hope to have some news next time on the dramas of my life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Trouble in Little Sam Land!!!

I am back from Sydney and even managed to loss a pound for the end of the Spring Challenge:

All up I think I only lost 4.2lbs over the challenge. I should have done allot better, but as my previous posts have stated, I am working on being nicer to myself and let me continue on with my journey.

So to that end, I LOST 4.2lbs!!!! :o)

But that is not the big trouble. That is family problems, basically, my sister and her eldest are not getting along and I am just impatiently waiting to hear if my niece will be coming to live with me. Talk about unrelenting stress. I think it would be the best thing for all of them if she did come and live with me. They really are tearing each other apart. She is constantly fighting with her mother, father, sister and younger brothers. I think it is just a very stressful situation and she needs to get out of it for her sanity and for the sanity of the rest of the family.

But having said that, I know it is an extremely hard decision to make for all of them.

I just wish there was a rational way to work this all out. But then if that was the case, the whole situation would be different.

I will keep you posted, I seriously do not know how I want this to end. All I do know is that I want my niece to happy for once, and I want my sister to tell me a good day story when I ask how is the family doing, and I have never held one from her. I hope that this will change, for all of them.

I have a lot of catching up to do with every one's posts, so please bare with me as I start that. Comments will start flowing again, I promise. Happy Monday peoples.

Friday, April 8, 2011


There are times when it just feels like I am drifting from one half baked idea to the next. I never stop and think about what the whole plan will be.

The reason behind this thought?

Well, the truth is I failed miserably at this 'diet'. It wasn't the diet itself, I still think Atkins is pretty good, when you stop and think about it, the Atkins is quite close to the standard band meal plan, protein and vege with only a little carbs.

The problem is. I have lost the ability to actually diet. Ever since I was banded my whole thought process has changed. I no longer HAD to diet. I no longer HAD to watch everything I ate. the band did that for me.

I look at the bandsters that have done so well in their first year and beyond, and the one thing different that stands out between them and me, is that they never really stopped dieting, or if not actually dieting, at least watching what they were eating and didn't loose sight of what they were after.

I guess I just thought that I had the band and it worked so well during the first six months with out any major help or major input from me; that it would always do it. After the first six months, when the weight loss slowed and then basically stopped, I kept putting it off onto other things. And to be perfectly honest, I can't even remember most of them at the moment. All I can remember is that it does involve chocolate and not in small quantities like I would prefer.

My band is at a good place, at least I think it is, when I eat according to the band plan, I can eat between 1/2 and 1 cup of food and it does keep me full for a few hours. So why is it that I can't stick to the band plan?????

All week I have been trying to stick to the Atkins plan, and not a single day has passed with out me failing and eating a very heavy carb food, mostly in the way of cheezels, they do not fill you up, but they have lots of calories. It seems the more I try to limit the food types, the more I eat of them.

So there you have it. A life time dieter that can no longer diet.

What is the world coming to?

For me it means I have adjusted my thinking, on how I am facing the rest of my journey. I am resigning from some of the challenges I have set myself this year - namely the 50lbs in 111 days!!! I do feel a little guilty about this as it is yet another challenge I have set myself that I have failed at. But I am doing this for me. I know a few of you may think that this challenge was a little over enthusiastic, and you would probably be right. Mainly because I wasn't in the right frame of mind!

I am still thinking about my next move on my journey. But I do not want to rush into it this time. I am off to Sydney on Monday. Just for the week. Going to catch up with a few good friends and do some shopping with my sister for her up coming wedding. So I do apologise for the lack of comments in the next week. I may not get too much of a chance to get to a computer.

And while I am away I am going to have a good long think about how I am going to handle the rest of this journey. Because, believe me when I tell you, I do want to continue on successfully. I want to be a lot thinner for my trip overseas and I want to be a lot thinner for my sisters wedding that is scheduled for a few weeks after I get back from the wonderful trip.

Thank you all for your support and comments. I hope I can turn things around for myself, I know your support has gotten me to were I am today, ready for the next 30 kilos to be gone from this body of mine!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Diet

I have noticed a few people have been talking about the atkins or low-carb diets. 

It has all gotten me thinking. I need to bite the bullet and go on another diet.

I need to get my body working towards losing this weight. I am over the stalemate I am creating with myself. My restriction is great, but I am eating crap.

I am not exercising very much and it is so sporadic, I may as well not even bother.

There are a million excuses and I am over them, so come Monday morning I am beginning the Atkins diet. Amy from the Sunkist world has been doing great on it and I know she thinks she is cheating a little, but she isn't. We still need to work the band, and that means doing a diet for a kick start (of the final little bit in Amy's case).

I am starting on Monday as I do need to get some shopping to start it properly. I do not want to start on it and have nothing in the house and so have to cheat on the diet the first day.

The only thing I am wondering about is if I will actually get enough calorie intake. Protein is always such a filler for us bandsters, so I will just see how it goes. All I know is that I have to do something, otherwise I am not going to stay around the same weight, I will end up putting weight on.

Another week on the Spring Challenge is almost up and I don't think I will have a loss. It is TTOM and that always stuffs me up a bit, but it is still just excuses. (P.S. why is it I have to be different from most other bandsters - I get loose and can just about eat anything, most people seem to get tight and have real problem)

Any way, I will keep you posted.

Come on the week end :o) Hope everyone has a great one.