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Thursday, January 5, 2012

And the year begins

So the girls have left and I am on my way back to work!

The girls caught the train back down to Sydney and I don't think they will ever do that again, there was a post on facebook saying that a guy near Tori was jerking off and taking pictures of her, he was moved, but still that is disgusting!!!

I travelled a lot by train when I was younger and I never had anything like that happen. What is wrong with people today!!!

She says she is fine, but reception on the trains is not he best so she is going to call me when she gets home.

In other train news, I'm on a train in uniform and there are signal problems and the train ain't going anywhere at the moment! That is always fun, because even though I have nothing to do with the city services, we wear the same uniform so passengers always look at ou and want to complain. Fun times, the delay shouldn't be too long.

Now I said that I would be weighing in fortnightly, and tomorrow is that weigh in date. I am hoping for a lose from the weigh in before Christmas and hopefully I have it. While I have enjoyed some lovely food with the girls while they were up, I don't think I have over indulged. Treats we're eaten, but only in small quantities. And TOM has left for the month :p

And while very little exercise did take place, we didn't spend all our days sitting down, so at least I was moving, I have a walk with workmate J this afternoon and the only ting that can stop it is are noon storms, so here's hoping that doesn't happen. I haven't checked the weather, bu it does look a little overcast at the moment.

OMG I am talking about the weather!!

New topic! I have actually packed some snacks for my post workout walk today. You see, I usually have lunch between 1 & 2pm, finish a 5pm and we go for an hour walk. I then have to be on a train for another hour before I get home. If I am lucky, I can start making dinner by 7:30, but if I am the slightest bit late with the walk I miss my train and can't get started on dinner until at least 8pm. It does happen, I am hungry when I finish the walk and by the time I actually get home, if I haven't succumbed to the hunger and bought McD's or a pack of chips, I am usually over e hung pains and don't eat at all. So not healthy!!

So today I have snacks! Muesli bars, so not the healthiest, but better than nothing and I get the ones that are mostly nuts, so there is lots of protein in them. That will fill me up for the trip home and give me time to prepare a healthy dinner.

That's all I have for now. I am off to catch up on my blog reading! Have fallen a little behind from the visit with the girls, but I am sure you can understand :o)

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  1. I wish I could take the train. I could do my reading during my commute!!

  2. Your niece and her friend are beautiful! I'm angry they had such an unpleasant experience. It reminds me of being a young girl and feeling victimized in the most random of places.

    I've been planning on taking public transportation to get to and from work in the future. My commute will go from about 40 minutes to an hour. Do you enjoy it? Are you able to read or do other pasttimes? I'm worried it'll just be hard for me to "relax" en route to my destination.

  3. OMG! That is disgusting! But I fully believe it after I took a tram the other day and was surrounded by bad mouthed dufus heads! Ewk!

  4. That is horrible. I hope they girls were okay after that incident.