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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rainy Tuesdays are no Fun

Not much on today. I didn't sleep so well last night, and i think it was because of dinner!

I made spaghetti bolangnaise and added some mushrooms that were a little old and dry. Usually that has not caused problems I have done it before. But since evry early this morning, bad wind pains have been hitting me :/ not too bad that i could sleep, just bad enough that it woke me up a few times and was very oticable once awake.

On the train to work now and there are still little spasms going on every now and then. I'll see how I go. Don't know what is going on lately, but nothing really is feeling right lately.

I wish there was a reset button on me. Maybe that would help :o)

It's raining again here in Brisbane, small localised floods have been happening, nothing major. I really am not a fan of lots of rain, and not because of flooding; because I cant throw the ball for Blondie! She misses being able to run around the yard! It's not hat i don't mind if she gets wet, it the fact that there is a small pond rowing in our back year and the fact that the grass gets so soft, that when she runs on it, she tears it all up!

So she continually drops her ball at your feet and looks at it to you mornfully. Trying to will you to throw the ball. I hate saying no to her, but i just have to. The only solution I have is giving her extra cuddles and pats, which she also loves, but would much prefer to be running around outside :o)

This is her ball.....

And this is the look she gives you when you wont throw it for her and is resigned to the fact that you are not going to change your mind.

And this is how she loves spending her none running time...staring at the ball at your feet waiting for you to throw it again. This is what i couldn't do this morning, or yesterday.

And this is the disdained look I frequently get from Charlie to show what she thinks of the dog and her ball antics :o)

Have a great Tuesday, even I am starting to feel a little better! (cute cat and dog pics really work for me!!!)

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  1. Loved the pictures....what a beautiful family you have!

  2. love the pictures of the animals and what a pretty yard!

  3. What cute pets :) I have a secret desire to get a cat but I am trying to hold off for a while.

    Losing sleep stinks as does the tummy angst. I hope you feel better soon. I have had the hankering for a reset many times. It usually happens right as I approach some big change that is going to require a lot of effort on my part...Good luck!!! :)


  4. Aaaawww...I'd have to give in and throw the ball.

    Sorry you're having some digestive issues...hopefully it all clears out soon.