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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The things we do for friends

Okay I am a little tipsy at the moment so I hope this doesn't ramble too much!

Yes it is Wednesday night and I had some beers, you see tomorrow is Australia day :o) no work for me!

The last few days have been a nightmare at work, and as much as I don't want to admit it, it has been affecting my food choices and it has been affecting my commitment to exercise.

I work in a call centre, but I don't get a lot of calls come through at this time of the year. My department is groups, and most of them are sorted for the time being, give it another month or two and I will be rushed off my feet!

At the moment my work is under control, that being said, my team is being slammed at the moment! They deal with the packages and accommodation side of things and to be honest it has been brutal, staff sick, on training courses and a lot of in coming calls do not make for a productive work place. They are just dealing with too much at the moment. My friend J has been working twelve hour days and is beyond treading water at the moment. So after work I dragged her away from her desk and we went to the pub! Couple of beers and some pizza later and I think she had a good night and may actually get some sleep! One can only hope.

Now while I haven't been extra busy like they have, I do feel for them, and have been helping out where I can. I was answering call yesterday and taking messages for the team (hopefully weeding out the crap for them), and today I was really able to offer moral support as I had to catch up with my own work after yesterday but it sort of made me feel worse, because I know how stressed they all were.

These last few days have showed me how I still deal with stress through food. I wish I was able to deal with stress another way!

I used to do kick boxing classes and it is days like today that I really do miss it. At the time I was on a weight loss through exercise regemine and was going about three classes a week. It was such a stress busted. I haven't seen any places around me here is Brisbane but I think I need to search them out, because even through I didn't loss a lot of weight (too much eating along with the extra exercise) I really got a lot out of the stress busting factor!

It would be nice if there was a class that was close to either home or work that fit into my schedule! Most of the things I want to do are either too far away or are only on when I have work!

Queensland can still feel like it is in the dark ages at times, especially with its opening times :p

Okay, I think I have rambled enough in my tipsy state! Have a great Australia Day tomorrow to all my Aussie friends!!!

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  1. I'm in the States but Happy Australia Day! Sounds like everyone could use the day off. You sound like a great coworker/boss who really cares about her team. I miss my gym when I'm stressed too. Exercise (especially hard care sweat pumping kind) really does help with stress.

  2. Hey Sam. Good on you for taking your mate to the pub to help her thru a rough day. Exercise is defo a stress buster for me too. Yesterday I found I actually enjoyed getting my heart rate up and just focusing on my breath and my legs moving rather than worrying about all the other shit that gets me down. Is there anything else you can do near home that may help? What about exercise videos? I got a few Michelle Bridges ones and they're quite good actually. Just can't do them when Ned is home otherwise he wants to 'dance' too.

    Hope you had a good Aussie day! V.

  3. Happy belated Aussie day! :) Hang in there with that'll pass soon