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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today is the First day

I am no longer trying, I am just doing!!

Planning has begun.

Meals are planned, exercise is planned, mindset is being faked until it is real :o)

I have even cancelled my gym membership, now this may not seem like a good thing for someone that is getting everything back on track, but it is if the membership is never used. I can't make any of the classes due to my work schedule, and it was starting to bug me, plus the walks I do after work mean that I don't have the time after work either. So I bailed on it, only sorry I didn't do it a few months ago. It really has been a waste of money for the past six months.

So today I have hard boiled eggs for breakfast, and left over stir-fry pork and veges with rice for lunch, and then dinner tonight will either be more left over stir-fry (depends on how it goes down at lunch) or it will be fish and salad. I have to careful of left overs, sometimes I have no problem and other times I just can't swallow them.

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post about my weight, the truth is I did let the fact that I was only going to weigh in every fortnight mean I could eat what I wanted. How silly is that, so I will give the fortnight weigh in a real try and try not to balk when I see a gain this Friday :p cause to be honest, I don't think I will be able to do enough good to undo the bad from last week.

Also, and I hate that I am typing this, but I do believe I am coming down with a cold!!

Middle of summer here people! But we have also had some major rain the last few days, and I got a little wet on Monday, woke Tuesday to the sore throat. Has made me think that the run down feeling I have been having the last week or two could very well be that my body has been trying to fight off the cold. Normally I also have a tingly throat or stuffy nose at the same time, but this time it has just been the tired run down feeling. Typical that I get sick as I get back on track, but I am not having that stop me from staying on track.

I will stay eating healthy (I usually just eat crap when I am sick), and if this thing hits me full force, than I will rest and recover, but I am not just going to give up on my walks, I may slow down, I may do shorter ones, but the fresh air and sunshine will do me good. As long as I am not too sick.

So there you have it, motivation: fake it till you make it :o)

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope to report in tomorrow that all went well today :p

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  1. Go you! I like that-- doing, not trying. I might have to steal that for myself.

  2. Fake it til you make it. Totally! It sounds like you've got a great plan. I hope your sore throat doesn't turn into a full blown cold. It's so hard to stay on track when we aren't feeling well.