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Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Madness

Yeah, can some one please explain to me the reason why I can stick to a plan all week, but when the weekend comes, I revert back to Fat Sam and her inability to get off the couch???

I had a great Friday, weigh in went well. The scale read 110.7kg (244.1lb) that was down over a kilo from Christmas! Concidering the treats I ate with the girls. I was very pleased with that. Not to say that I went over board when they were here, but it was no salad and grilled chicken. Mostly because they don't eat salad and I really can't eat grilled chicken....but I do digress.

After work I went out for a drink and dinner with my walking buddy J, we ordered a vegetarian pizza, it was delicious and quite healthy. But then it kind of went down hill. We shared a dessert calzone, basically chocolate and strawberries in a pastry case, topped with icing sugar, more chocolate and some ice cream! While it was delicious, definitely not he best choice!

But I didn't regret it, it was a small treat and that was oing to be the end of it. Food wise it pretty much was.

The problem is I was going to go to the gym on Saturday after work, that didn't happen. Came home and watched some TV, went did a little shopping.

Sunday I planned to go for my usual Sunday morning swim with a squad team. Great exercise and a chance to do something a little different. Didn't make it. Just watched TV and did a little more shopping.

I can try and blame any number of things....but I won't. The truth is I made the CHOICE to not exercise. And for no other reason than the fact that I choose to sit on the couch instead!!!

Now me being me, I have given this some thought. And the main difference I can tell between Thursday and Friday when I was good with my choices of exercise and dealing with treats, and then Saturday and Sunday is the fact that I didn't really give any time to my blog on the weekend! Didn't post and didn't read your posts either.

Sarah commented on Fat Sarah still having some say on how she thinks the other day and I have to totally agree. Fat Sam still has a big hold on me. And while I am not yet at my goal like Sarah is, I now I will get there. I have come to the realization that the only thing holding be back is Fat Sam. And I really need to work that sh!t out. Because I do not want to let Fat Sam win!!

On another side note, I think I want to come up with another name for Fat Sam.... I'll think about that.

Okay, so I hope everyone has had a better weekend than me and here's to a great new week :o)

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  1. I get this. Fat Robyn actually told my hubby I needed to eat good this weekend since I have a fill on Monday. I caught myself but it reminds me she is always there.

  2. I wish we could rid of our "fat" selves for good but we can't we just have to learn to control them. I have realized too on the weekends I get lax, so I have changed it around and am now meal planning 7 days a week and planning my work outs as well 7 days a week vs for just Monday thru Friday and it did help over the weekend, plus I logged all my food intake over the weekend, normally weekends I don't log which gives me lee way to eat more than I should.
    You can do this, it's a learning process, your growing and realizing your actions, thats HUGE!

  3. I really struggle with the weekends too. For me, I know it's just because I'm at home with the family and usually on the go, as opposed to sitting at my desk in my normal routine and only eating what I brought with me. At home, I've got all the food I need for months within arm's reach and no real incentive to do anything other than hang out with the family. This is something I'm working on. I DID get my exercise in but the food choices weren't stellar.

  4. You can't eat grilled chicken? No bueno! Grilled chicken salad is my go-to lunch. :)

    I still have a weekend fat girl myself... though I don't call her Fat Ronnie, I call her Fluffy Ronnie... she's in denial about her problem.