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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The beginning of February

So today marks the start of a new month.

A recap of January's goals sees that I did not do so well. In my choices,

in my exercise goal

or moving in the right direction to realise my dream for the year of reaching my goal.

And while I am aware that I was not putting in the effort I owe myself and the band, I have not yet achieved this effort in my life. So what doesa girl do in times like these?

She commites to the new month. I will complete my goals.

I will make the right choices, I will make my exercise goal, and I will work towards realizing my dream of reaching goal weight this year!

I am worth the effort, why is it we can never believe that of ourselves? We offer so much motivation and support to each other, and yet for ourselves, we don't believe it when we say the exact same things? Or is that just me?

Another thing I am going to follow through this month, is ban the chocolate! I said it in passing in my last post, and didn't really think about what I had typed until you all commented on it! And I realized what I had said and that I really did mean it. I need this 28 days to get the crack that is chocolate out of my system.

I have enlisted the help of all the girls at work (where most of my chocolate consumption takes place) to assist me in this quest for a chocolate free month. And I have ensured there is none in the house too. Thankfully the wasn't any, cause I probably would have polished it all off to get rid of it!!!

Now all I need to do is achieve these goals.

I can do it, I just have believe in myself and believe all the wonderful words of wisdom I receive from you lovely ladies :o) thanks again for your support, I love you all!!

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  1. You can do it and it's great that you are enlisting help at work to avoid the chocolate! I know that's my weakness too!

  2. You can absolutely do it! And it definitely helps to have the added support of your coworkers.

  3. Hi! Totally agree about the chocolate being Crack! I have a problem with it too....good luck kicking the habit!

  4. I agree you can do it! And I just realized I wasn't following you yet you always leave me lovely comments. You'll see my smiling face now under followers.