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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few changes

So I have made a few adjustments.

First up - I have a new Faceb0ok page. SamBandedForMe this is were I will be very open about my band and progress. While I am not hiding the band from people, I am not open about it and I think this new page will allow me to have a more open and honest accountable approach to me journey from here on in.

Please feel free to befriend me. There are a lot of people that seem to have pages separate to there own, so it should be fun.

Still going with the c25k program. Completed Week Two, Day Two this morning. It was a good morning, do have a little pain in my left hip, so I will need to look into that and maybe try some strengthening exercises or something.

I am actually sitting on the train at the moment and doing those bum flexes :p I think I just don't have enough core strength going on and that is the cause of the hip pain...I hope. So core is on the agendar for the time being. It is an area I always get slack with, basically because it does feel like you're doing much. And it takes a while to feel any sort of difference. But I will stay with it, I know it is super important for me.

Still having a hard time getting on the right diet track. I think I am having a good protein lunch, but then my brain thinks I'm hungry and so I end up with a pack of chips. I think the part I am missing is just a little bit of carbs at the end to satisfy me. The hard bit is sticking to just a little bit. Either that or I just need to push through it and don't cave in!

That is probably more like it, I just gotta 'suck it up, buttercup' as my mum loves to say :o) I actually find myself saying this to myself more and more lately. It is helping, so I just have to apply it more often.

I think this deserves to be my new motto!

Okay, it is Wednesday, so have a great hump day people and lets get this journey happening!!

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  1. I think I'd find it easier to suck it up on a beach like that! Good for you for sticking with the 5k training!

  2. So proud of your C25K!! If the hip pain is on the side of your leg right where the leg meets your body it may be your IT band. This is a band of muscles that stretch from hip to knee and requires stretch to keep it loose. Look up IT Band stretch on youtube for videos for stretching this. I just learned about it this past weekend.