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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I have to wonder what I am doing to myself. I had an ugly start to the day. I ate a Butterfinger and some choc peanut brittle for breakfast!!! Not a great start to the day and not even a great thing to do at any time.

I was hungry when I woke up, that is weird for me. It is not my time of the month (at least it shouldn't be) so that can't be the reason for it, and I had the chocolate monsters in the house, very bad idea, I know!

So being totally disgusted with myself I then got ready for work and left the house.

And here is where my day improved... I didn't let it destroy my day!

I had my morning coffee, my 10am breakfast of yoghurt and seed mix (only had half as much this morning to save the calories) lunch was 60grams on lean ham with a cheese stick, and then another coffee later on. And I also had some beef jerky, 70 cal/11grams of protein worth.

Dinner tonight is turkey mince with veges in a tomato based sauce and some cheese.

I am staying away from carbs as much as possible, in the hopes that it will assist with my catabolic ways and get the scale moving again.

I even experienced a bit of a NSV today, I was walking at lunch and rubbed my stomach, and I felt my port!! Now I was rubbing a little hard, I think I was subconsiously curious to see if I could feel it, and I could, I was walking around with a big stupid grin on my face and my hand almost digging into my stomach. Be ause believe my it does not stick out, but when I stand up straight and tall and press in just a little, I can feel it :o)

I think I'm gonna be one of those people that go around asking if you want to pet my port :p I can't wait for that day.

So here is to a day that started terrible, but not letting that moment destroy the whole day and getting right back onto the band rules!!

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  1. That rebound is a fantastic NSV! It's so easy that with a less-than-stellar start to say "eff it" for the rest of the day. Good for your for sticking to plan!

  2. GOOD rebound!! It's such a great feeling when you can do that, just pull yourself out of the bad path and haul it up onto the good one - good for you!!

  3. Great NSV! I remember the first time I "pet my port," it was fabulous. :)

  4. Great NSV!! And great learning.experience! Way to not let the beginning of your day dictate the rest of the day!!
    & your dinner sounds yummy!!